6 Blue- Dovedale adventure

Six Blue had an adventure of a lifetime climbing the Thorpe Cloud mountain. Below is a video showcasing what a great day we had. We learnt lots and we enjoyed taking part in this super Geographic experience!


Please write a detailed diary entry, showcasing your thoughts and feelings of the day.

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  1. Dear diary
    On Tuesday the 30th October I had to wake up at 6:00 to get get ready for the trip.Quickly, I got out of my warm bed and put on one of my warmest jumpers to keep me warm and a pair of jogging bottoms so my legs are warm.Just when I was about to put on my walking boots, my mum asked me if I had two pairs of socks on so my feet were warm.I replied by saying no and I sprinted upstairs to go and get them.

    I arrived at school at 7:30 and I couldn’t help but to feel excited.I had made sure I had enough food because when you are climbing mountains you need lots of energy.When everyone had arrived we left the school to get on the coaches.It was a very long journey it took two hours to get there.

    As soon as we had arrived, we went to the toilet and we had a little snack to help us have energy. Some of us had fruit whereas the others had an energy bar.After this, we walked to a river which we had to cross by going on stepping stones.They were very slippy and wet so we had to watch where we were going or we would slip.In my opinion, I really enjoyed going on the stepping stones because I have never crossed a river.Next we started to make our way up the Mountain there was a lot of rocks as we made our way up.In my opinion, I thought climbing the mountain was a bit scary because I am scared of heights so I don’t like high places but my friends and teachers were there to guide me so they made me feel much safer.

    When we were half way up the mountain, I didn’t feel good and I was sick on the grass but I had a little rest then I kept going until we were at the top of the mountain I didn’t feel like going any further so I sat down with a couple of children and watched the other children climb the rocks in groups of six.Later on,we sat down to eat our lunch and talk with our friends.

    At 2:30 we decided to go back to the coach so we could reach school the same time we had planned to get back.When everyone was in their seats and ready to go the coach set of into the two hour journey.Half an hour into the journey I was sick again then fell asleep.I slept for a long time until we were ten minutes away from school and then once again I was sick I really didn’t feel good.

    When we had arrived back at school, I told my mum I felt awful and had been sick 4 times my mum was surprised because I don’t get travel sick a lot.

    Yours sincerely

  2. Well done year 6, you’ve shared some really good insight to your day.

    It was an early start and a tricky walk but overall was great adventure to experience with you all!

  3. Dear Diary
    I was very ready to go to the trip. I was in a 2 hour drive in couch. After that, I was finally there. As I walked farther we went on stepping stones .we climb a mountain

  4. Dovedale Dairy
    Yesterday,I had set up my alarm early so that I could be on time at school.I had dressed up and then I had brushed my teeath so that they are clean. Then I eaten my breakfast and I started walking to school.I was wearing about what to wear on our amazing trip. I had got on my clothes on and then I got my boot on and then I was walking quickly to school .We had traveled around 2 horse. Some people were getting bored because just talking to one another is doesn’t make a different.Suddenly we had arrived at Dovedale.First I had walked on a small road.
    We had to walke on some wateri rocks. We then been on some slippery rocks. I thought that I will fall on the sid because there we some super wet. People how would like to go on this trip they would need to were so sensible shoes. We all travelled along journey We had small so much poo from the sheeps we had saw so much sheep. They made me jump when they were near us because they mad the fabioules sound oooooooo.
    By Anfreea

  5. Dear Diary:
    On Monday morning my alarm was at 7:00 so I had to be fast I made myself a toast with milk then I brushed my teeth and hair.then I got my back pack and went out the door and saw rayhaan so I walked with him.then at 8:00we went in the coach.you will never believe it at Dovedale we climbed 940 feet on a mountain.whilst looking down in the distance there were minis dual cars driving past.I was feet mountain all I could smell was the air whilst looking down.when I went back to the coach I was quite happy because honestly when I was on that mountain I thought I was going to fall off .however whilst I was in the coach I was thinking about the trip about how slippery because of the mud and stones and worst part for me was when we were coming down where I kept on slipping on rocks.Also my favourite part was when we started climbing and Faheem kept on grabbing me.

  6. Dear diary,
    My day started at 6 O’clock sharp as I emerged out of my comfortable bed groaning due to the penetrating sound of my radio.I occasionally wake up at around 7 O’clock however today was no normal day. I was going to climb a momental hill in the Peak District! The Peak District is quite a distance away so It was leaving at the stroke of 8 and I didn’t want to miss an opportunity like that.

    Immediately, I shot out of bed and raced to do my brush as quick as a bullet. After I had had a shower and put my clothes on I was all ready so I dashed downstairs to prepare myself for the long day ahead. Instantly, I opened the blinds, turned the amazing world of gumball on and went to the kitchen to get my food ready. For my lunch that I would later eat at Dovedale, I made myself a tasty cheese sandwich and for breakfast, I made a delicious bagel pizza. By the time my dad came downstairs, I was all packed so my dad dropped me off to school. I said bye to my mum and Sister and we were off. Soon, I was at school so I said bye and I caught up with David and Marcel. In Class, my first option was to be partners with Rayhaan but he was already with Ismail so I went with Ridwan.

    At 8 O’clock , the coach was leaving so we all got aboard and went. It was quite a long journey And I saw flocks of sheep and herds of cows. After an aganisingly boring 1 hour 57 minutes, we finally made it. We walked through an area with lots of trees and squelchy mud and soon I was there. Our first obstacle was passing a rapidly flowing pond with conveniently placed stepping stones. I easily overcame that but the next obstacle wasn’t so easy.

    Next, the pathway we walked on became narrower so we had to climb the side of a hill with lots of spiky plants occasionally popping up. We went higher than we were supposed to so it was a hassle coming down. Soon, we found Dovedale hill.
    Mr Patel’s class were climbing it so we decided to take a nature walk where we saw a supposedly haunted shack and we got up close to sheep which were everywhere in the District. After the walk, Mr Patel’s class were down so we went up. When we were nearly there, Mr Patel took groups of 6 to the top with an altitude of 940ft. Soon we were all up and the veiw was stunning. Then, after we climbed down me and my friends had a picnic for lunch where me and Ridwan put a picnic blanket out. Once we ate we went back near the stepping stones and went on a walk down the stream. After that we went back to cross the stepping stones where I nearly slipped! After that we made it back to the coach And I slept all the way back to school

  7. Dear diary

    Yesterday at 6.00 am in the early morning we had an unexpected journey that was waiting for us around the grassy emerald green grass that was closing up on us we were all waiting in the classroom for the others soon everyone was here and the coach driver he came and picked us up we drove away to our destination we drove for 2 hours it was a nightmare I couldn’t go to sleep at least I didn’t be sick thank goodness yay we finally made it to our destination wow how big is this mountain time for a quick fruit break my legs and mu back are already in a lot of pain look a river are we ever going to cross it look some stepping stones lets cross it I am so excited and I also feel like I might slip or fall for some Basar reason we cross it as we start walking up higher and higher I feel a lot colder now are we there yet we are all getting tired so we have a quick water break finally now I can be a lot more enejetic I’m already getting tired again we explor for a little longer we clime higher and we see Mr Patel he leads the way no one will no Mr Patel is my favarote teacher and Mrs Elkin and Mrs Hurt and Miss Ahmed and Mrs Edwards look we can see sheep I love sheep hello hello hello hello hello hello sheep we better go it smells like poo ew we now have our lunch we go over the stepping stones again we go home yay

  8. Dear Diary, It is our class trip to Dovedale,Early in the morning I woke up and I also woke up my brothers and sisters and my mother and I brushed my teeth. Then straight after that I got dressed and got to school early because I didn’t want to miss the trip and I thought that I was going be late and I also thought that I was going to miss the coach. I was so excited about the trip but I had to make sure that I had my lunch and drink ready. I also had to check that I had my woolly and furry jacket and my rucksack and some clothes that are nice and warm.Then we left at 8:00 am in the coach it was hot when we reached to Dovedale it was freezing.It took an hour and half to reach to Dovedale.we had to cross the stepping stones.Then we climbed up the mountain 940 feet.we had a choice to climb up to the top.I chose to climb to the top .Then we had to climb back down.My legs were aching I had to stop and then I carried on going again.There was poo everywhere but had we had to find a clean space to eat our lunch.

  9. Dovedale diary
    Dear Diary
    Yesterday I woke up early to go to Dovedale I was really excited it’s good that puted my alarm on and I felt so happy I quickly got ready ate my breakfast and brushed my teeth and hair and I eagerly went to school and I felt excited. I had my backpack and I was ready to go. At the coach I talked to my partner Illhan, she was excited to go aswel so we entertained ourself until we got there.

    When we arrived it felt cold it’s good that we bought scarves, gloves and our hats and coats. My hands were blue and frozen. Firstly we went to do some walking and exploring then we crossed a river that had stepping stones after that we climbed a high mountain and my knees started to ache and we climbed to the summit of the Thorpe cloud, some people didn’t get to the top the mountain was slippy and rocky we could smell manure and sheep droppings.
    By Hargun kaur

  10. Dear Diary
    I had to set my alarm early to get to school. When I got to school I had to go to the coach. When I got to Dovedale I had to cross the river. I had to step on stones to cross the river. Then I climbed to the summmit of Thorpe Cloud. It was very slippy. In the distance the cars seemed really small. I saw sheep on the mountain. My knees started to ache. It was a great trip.

  11. Dear Diary
    I woke up feeling tired but i had 1hour to go on my PS4 and then brushed my teeth and my mum made me a fruit drink as usual.Our journey to get to Dovedale was by coach all of us were so exited, finally we had reached our destination after waiting 2hours we had to go through the stepping stones and I felt as if I was gonna fall down.Then I started to feel pain as I climbed up to the top of the mountain.I could see minuture cars because I was 940 feet.But the thing that scared me the most was when all of us came down I slipped but mr Patel caught me and we went down and had a wondourfull picnic but I could smell poo and stepped on one or maybe more but we will never know.It was time to go home and waited 3hours and walked back home.

    Sincerely nadal

  12. Dear Diary
    I woke up feeling tired but i had 1hour to go on my PS4 and then brushed my teeth and my mum made me a fruit drink as usual.Our journey to get to Dovedale was by coach all of us were so exited, finally we had reached our destination after waiting 2hours we had to go through the stepping stones and I felt as if I was gonna fall down.Then I started to feel pain as I climbed up to the top of the mountain.I could see minuture cars because I was 940 feet.But the thing that scared me the most was when all of us came down I slipped but mr Patel caught me and we went down and had a wondourfull picnic but I could smell poo and stepped on one or maybe more but we will never know.It was time to go home and waited 3hours and walked back home

    Sincerely nadal

  13. Dear Diary,
    Early this morning, at 6.00 O’clock I woke up feeling so tired.As I got ready, I was nervous that I’ll be late.But when I reached school it was just the right time.On the coach,I felt really queasy and I vomited in a bag.After that,I sung and played with my friends until it was time to get of the coach.
    Firstly, we climbed up a hill (I slipped loads) then everyone’s legs started to ache. We reached a mini lake which we had to go across (Rocks to guide us across.)The water flowed beautifully under our feet.Finally, we reached the 300 feet tall mountain which we climbed.We saw sheeps on the way they were lovely.As we had all the correct equipment on us we were doing just fine (but I slipped loads again.)
    When we made it all the way to the peak ( also known as the Thorpe Cloud ) we had a very delicious lunch.
    Finally and lastly, it was time to go home.We strolled the same way we did at the beginning.It was an entirely tirering experience I couldn’t move my burning legs.We reached the coach and went home.I sat down comfortably and happily I sung and played with my friends (I got a bit hyper.)It was time to get off the coach .I met my Dad and went home.
    Your sincerely,Aisha Kauser

  14. Dear Diary,

    You wouldn’t believe what a great adventure I had yesterday!

    Early in the morning at 5 am, I woke up to the sound of my alarm. Feeling excited, I immediately ran downstairs and prepared myself for a big day out at Dovedale. After preparing myself, I began to worry, as the time passed by! I then ensured I had all my stuff prepared such as my backpack and my hiking gear. Within a hour or two, I left my home.

    A while later, I arrived at the school and as quickly as possible went inside the classroom hoping it wasn’t 7:45 am already. Whilst, in the classroom the teachers discussed some important vital needs for our day out and ensured everyone was here on time. ( To ensure I would not need a toilet on the coach, I went to do my business)

    Minutes later, I and Year 6 arrived on the coach and set off to Dovedale. Approximately, the bus journey took two hours, which I found slightly tiring.
    During the two hour journey, I began quite bored, so I tried to find a variety of ways to amuse myself. After the long coach journey, I and Year 6 finally arrived at Dovedale, this was the start of my adventure. However, after a warm journey in the coach, I had soon realised it is really cold here in Dovedale, Derbyshire. I had to walk for a mile or three through the muddy, wet grounds which was quite enjoyable to be honest. Five minutes later, we then arrived at a mini toilet stop, where everyone had their snacks in the corner.

    Further more, I then continued my adventure, I and Year 6 had to be ab,e to face our fears and persevere to gain by climbing mountains, walking through slippery, muddy, watery pathways. My most enjoyable but scary physical activity I had the opportunity to do was to step on these weird shape stones to be able to get across the river, though, I was frightened Inwould fall in the river. My last but MOST FRIGHTENING obstacle was climbing a steep mountain which was most slippery, I was felt absolutely petrified that I would injure myself, when climbing near the peak of a mountain, but I knew if Indid this, it would make me feel good about myself.

    Last but not least, we ate our food, after a tiring physical day, but then we walked all the way through the stepping stones, mountains and slippery, muddy pathways and arrived at the coach. As I got in, I felt nice and warm again! My last summary of Dovedale was the disgusting, unpleasant smell of the bird and sheep ( animal) manure/ droppings. As we left the coach, we were collected by our parents.

    That is all for now diary,

    Zeinab K

  15. Dear Dairy,
    In the morning I had to set an alarm on because I needing to find my clothes for the trip. It was a long journey and the coach was too hot. Finally we arrived at Dovedale it was very freeze like an ice. We saw sheep climbing the mountain. We were stepping on stone and rocks, We cross on the path rivers . We climbed up and up to reach up i saw the distance like cars seemed smaller and smaller. Although our knees started to ache, there mud and poo everywhere of the sheep . When we climbed down the wind was pushing us down.
    By Ilhan.

  16. Dear Diary

    Today was one of the most exciting days of my life, because I had the fantastic opportunity to go on an amazing adventure with my school to dovedale. We started our day on the 2hour long journey to dovedale mr Petel was leeding the way. When we arrived we saw the fantastic veiws of the mountain. We started walking closers to a river, and then we came across stepping stones which we had to leap across. After we finished concoring the stepping stones we began climbing higher and higher but then we took a break and sat down for a while. Soon after we started the adventure of climbing down the mountain. Then we had to squeez through a tiny gap to get back down. Most of us were disappointed that we had to leave but we were all sore from walking. We then started walking back to the coaches and began our journey back to school.

  17. Dear diary

    Early in the morrring We had to set an alarm so we could come to school early meanwhile there was a long journey in the coach which was very hot . At last we got there as we came out it was extremely cold. As we was wallking the narrow path way there was slippery mud . As we were walking l saw the first obstacle which was the water stones .As we was going higher our legs were ache. As we when higher the mountain the wind started to twist and turn like a snake pulling us to one side.

    By Esa Khan

  18. Dear diary,
    I woke up, Tuesday 30th of October. The time was 6:00 I normally wake up at 7:00 but today was special I was going to Dovedale which I was ready for. Swiftly, I awoke up had my breakfast, ready for the day. I doubled up on clothes, popped my walking boots on and got my gloves and hat don’t forget that I had my bag – which had 3 bottles of water.

    Quickly, I fetched the bus, and made it intro school on time. The day often I woke up my mum and I had brought some grapes and some pineapple for my lunch. When I got on the coach I was sitting with my bestie, Matthew it was a short ride in my opinion

    When we arrived at Dovedale it smelt a tad like sheep droppings but this was their home and sheeps don’t use toilets so I didn’t complain. The first obstacle we faced was some stepping stones across the river which was easy. When we got to mount Thorpe cloud which was 940ft in the air it was pretty cool if you ask me. When it was time for lunch I took out my sandwiches and they were squished I ate them any way I was really hungry.

    Once I’d finnished my lunch I was starting to pack away when both of my apples started rolling out of my bag, down the hill I chased them and while I was doing that I called it apple chase

    At the end we came across the stepping stones again. I was so exited I started to dance.when I got back home I told my mum all about it

  19. Dovedale diary
    Yesterday,I had to set my alarm extra early,asinhad an amazing day ahead of me.I was prepared with my hicking boots and gloves,as I knew we were doing a lot of climbing.So I happily came to school with everything I needed.At 8:00 we got on the hot coach to set of to Dovedale and the journey was very long.

    We finally arrived at Dovedale and realised how cold and windy it was.Then we walked through windy,narrow paths with branches stretching out.After walking for a while,we could see the fast flowing peaceful river.To get to the other side of the river,we had to walk through stepping stones,when doing this I was really scared because the stepping stones were really slippery,this was the reason why we needed suitable foot ware.

    After I reached the other side of the river,I came across middy,slippery paths.Tehn we were allowed to climb the mountain,and I thought I was going to fall because it was my first time climbing a mountain,so I grabbed on to my friend.Then we had to come back down and I know that it was easier to climb down a mountain than climbing up but was more slippy.

    As I walked really far,I definitely needed a rest so I sat down on the grass and hand a drink of water,as I could here the sheeps.As I climbed higher I could feel the burn in my legs.As I went to Dovedale,I wanted to have the experience that I climbed right to the top of the peak.So,even though my legs were burning I tried my best to climb the top.Well,to reach the top,I had climb on rocks,and made me think that I may slip or fell,but I believed in my self and tried my best to go to the top of the summit Thorpe Cloud and was really proud of my self that I made it to the top.

    The trip has come to an end,and was time for me to go back home.When I went home I told my parents about my amazing day,and how proud and happy I was because I reached the top.At the end of the day I was really tired as I did a lot of climbing and walking.

  20. Dear Diary,
    In the morning , I woke up at 6.00 am it took me a few minutes to get up because of the the alarm it was hurting my ears. I dressed up in 3 layers to be hot because of the tempered tire outside it was 3 degrees and I know that in the mountains up high it is even colder than down here.I had cereal as my breakfast and a snack to keep my energy stored.I set of to school by car because I leave far quite far away.
    At the gate, I met Aryan and Dawid, I rang the bell for them to let us open the gate because the school wasn’t open yet to the children.As I entered the class i saw all sorts of suitable clothes for the rock climbing trip.We trotted to the coach all excited and happy because always trips are a new adventure….. When we got there we were so happy.The excitement rushed all over us like never before.We got to the field all happy we got to go on a trip that far away.But the amazing part was when we climbed up 950 ft! The view was mind blowing but it was around -4 degrees.

  21. Dear Diary,

    Today, I woke up and got ready because Dovedale awaited..

    I managed to run super quickly so me and my mum (who was also going on the trip) could catch the bus.

    Once we got to school, we got organised and set off. We got on to the coach, and I sat next to my best friend, Rhys. My mum sat forward of us on the pair of seats in front of us. About a quarter of the way to Dovedale I asked my mum how long we had. She showed me her phone which said, ‘1 hour 50 minutes’. So we had a long way to go.

    We finally got to Dovedale and it was 2 hours back home so I knew we had came along way from Coventry. But on the contrary, we had a mountain to climb and some sights to see, so I didn’t really bother thinking about time.

    After walking for about 10 minutes, we found some stepping stones. Me and Rhys hoped that no one would fall in the water beneath us!

    After another half an hour, we sore the absolutely huge mountain that we were going to climb. There was a pathway that would lead us to the peak of the mountain. But near the peak, the path ended. So we had to climb the gaps to climb up to the peak. And so with a couple of minutes, we all got up to the peak!

    Finally we found a water full and then we went on the stepping stones back home. Mum brought a mint ice cream that I ate before we got on to the coach. And then we took another 2 and a half hour trip home! I got the bus home with Rhys and I said goodbye and I went to sleep after such a fantastic day!

    The end 😀

  22. Dear Diary,
    On October 30th I woke up to the sound of my alarm ringing and reminding me that it was the day of the trip. I got up and got my clothes, I ran downstairs had a filling breakfast and then arrived at school. Everyone was just as excited as I was. At 8 o clock straight the coach had left and our journey to dove dale had begun!

    My partner brought quite a few thins to entertain us, but it still took hours for us to reach our destination. After many hours of frustration, we had arrived. The first challenge to overcome were the slippery stepping stones, once everybody had came across them , we all started heading for Thorpe cloud which was the mountain . I had realised it was getting colder and more windy. Our next goal was to reach the summit, the highest point of a mountain. Many teachers had made it clear that we not have to go to the summit, but I wanted to make the most of our trip so I was up for the challenge. Once I reached the summit, it was so windy that my hand was frozen solid.

    Then I started heading down and slipped a few times but I made it at the end. We had a successful trip.

  23. Dear Diary,

    Today was a big day, I had to set my alarm on so early to get to school on time. First I had to wake up at 6 am however I usually wake u at 7am. Then I made myself some quick cereal so I’m not late. after that I got dressed in some warm clothes so that I don’t get cold. At 7:40 my dad drove me to school as quick as he could.

    It was a long 2 hour journey in a warm, hot coach. When arriving at Dovedale it was really cold. First we crossed a river with stepping stones. As walking up the mountain, it was really slippery because there was a lot of mud. After all that, we climbed up to the summit of the Thorpe cloud and in the distance I could see a lot os sheep and cars which were smaller.

  24. Dear Diary
    Yesterday I went on a school trip to Dovedale Mountains i had to set our alarm to wake up bright and early .In the morning I immediately woke up by the sound of my alarm .when I arrived at school I was bursting with excitement .I couldn’t wait to go to Dovedale when I got to Dovedale i walked through the narrow path to get to the stepping stones . i walked through the squelchy mud after a while i spotted the stepping stones from a distance while I was crossing the stepping stones I could see the water rapidly flowing through the gaps when I got to the other side of the river I walked down the rocky path to get to the mountain when I got to the other side of the mountain you could smell the aroma of sheeps droppings I had to try and challenge myself to climb to the peak of the mountain I climbed and climbed until I got to the top of the mountain the wind was blowing so hard at the top I tried not to get blown away it was a great day .

  25. Dear diary

    Yesterday I woke up very early as we had to set for a exciting trip which was Dovedale which is 8n Derbyshire. My alarm was set for 7:30am. I woke and realised I was going to be late and missed the trip. I was excitesd and enthused.

    We started of the day by going in the coach for 2 hours and that was annoying .
    Finally we arrived and our first stop was the toilet. Mr Patel had led the way to the Dovedale mountain.we had to cross a lake which had very slippery stepping stones.
    We finally reched our destination which was Dovedale mountain and went higher and higher . It was so steep and I nearly fell of. Eventually I reachesd the top. The cold air hit my ears and when I looked down the cars looked minute

  26. Dear Diary,

    I woke up at 6:00 this morning as I was going on a school trip to Dovedale. I had to wake up earlier as we had a long drive ahead of us , I had to make sure that I had appropriate foot ware and a warm coat as it would be cold. We arrived at school ready for the adventure ahead of us. When we got in the coach it was quite warm however when we arrived at Dovedale it was really cold. We then walked down a path that lead us to a river but the only way to cross the river was by using the stepping stones. Eventually we got across and we started climbing up the mountain to reach the top. On our way to the peak of the mountain we saw lots of sheep. When we arrived at the peak of the mountain we were shocked by how high up we were. Sadly, after a while we had to come back down as we had to go.We got back down and we got inside the coach and we went back to school.

  27. Dear Diary,

    Today,I am going on a trip to Dovedale in Derbyshire.I had to go bed very early and wake up very early so I could wake up have my breakfast,brush my teeth,get dressed and be at school by 7:45AM.To make sure I was warm at Dovedale I wore an extra pair of socks and I wore my gloves and my hat.Once I was at school,I went to the toilet and then my class went to the coach.When we reached the bus,I realised it was so hot!After a long journey,we arrived at Dovedale and the Journey Began!When we arrived,we first crossed the stepping stones so we could reach the other side of the river.Then we climbed up the mountain and and when we reached the summit of Thorpe Cloud the view was amazing as well as the amazing view,all of the cars and houses were miniscule.Fun Fact-The very top of the mountain(Thorpe Summit)was 940-950 feet high in the sky!Whilst we were descending from the mountain,it was slippery and some of the people were very close to falling of the mountain.When we ate lunch,one of my friends bought a picnic blanket so we could sit on it instead of sitting on the floor which had dog,goat,sheep and cow droppings on it as well as poison ivy and sticks.After our amazing adventure,we walked back to the coach and when we reached the school everyone was exhausted!!

    Sincerely,Ismail Ali

  28. Dear Diary,

    Yesterday I woke up so early and set an early alarm to get to school. I started by wearing my warmest clothes and my gears.Then I ate my breakfast and happily went to school.when I reached school, I had to go on the warm coach on a long journey.After a long journey on a warm coach. We finally reached Dovedale! Our journey began! Firstly, we crossed the river on the stepping stones to get to the other side of the river.Secondly,we walked up to the peek of the mountain and in The distance I could see miniature cars and miniature sheeps (climbed to the summit of Thrope cloud) After a while we finally had lunch and went back home.
    Finally, we reached school and went back home! What a exciting trip!
    Your sincearly,
    Miral Abdalla

  29. Dear Diary,
    You would know what I usually do I woke up at 7:00 specific time and did my routine. Getting dressed ,grabbing my gloves,hat ect usually i don’t grab them for trips but I had to for this one because It was Dovedale (mountain area) we went to the top of the mountain (940 ft) and it was really scary when we went to the top it was really freezing too.

  30. Dear Diary
    I had to wake up earlier than normal because I had a fantastic day heading my way we had to wear hiking clothes to climb up to the mountain also we wore a coat because it might have been freezing cold.As I got out of my bed,I went to brush my teeth And eat a good breakfast in order to not feel hungry on this trip as I ran to school and walked a bit I maked sure I would not be late and I made it the coach left at 8:00 good nobody was late because they would’ve missed such a fantastic day out.

    As we were settling on the on the coach we had to put our seatbelts on and put our coats on the top of the coach space,We were getting happy in order to go on this trip we had perfect smiles on our faces it was about a 2 hour drive and we were getting bored so we starting playing games and we had a bit of fun watching cars go by through the coach window. As there was about 10 minutes remaining we waited peacefully so we could get carefully off the bus what a amazing journey we were waiting to go up the mountain and how high it would be see you there!

    A couple of hours later,we made it to the summit of Thorpe cloud as we were looking at the beautiful view of Dovedale cars looked like tiny playing cars go by.As we were looking at the bottom of the mountain we saw some sheep eating grass It was a very steep rocky hill we had to use our hands when got to the top of the ⛰ mountain we had a amazing view of the beautiful place it looked so tall and clean rivers were streaming by rapidly flowing through the rocks.

    As we were coming down,we had to come slowly because there was poo and a lot of rocks so we went down slowly 3 by 3 we all made it down safely and after we ate lunch as we were eating we could see the beautiful view of the 440 foot high mountain it looked so tall compared to the other buildings we were walking and how to jump through a gate because it was locked 🔒 we could see the blue river water floating by rapidly.

    As we sat back onto the coach we waited for 2 hours to get back to the school it was a very fun day I cannot wait to tell everyone what a fantastic day I had at the amazing Dovedale this was the best trip I had gone on so far we got to climb mountains to the Thorpe cloud and see a such beautiful view of the hills we could see everything cars were moving fast but they were very small because we were on a highest mountain of Dovedale,

  31. Dear diary,

    Yesterday I went to Dovedale. First I woke up and put my clothes on. I had to wake up earlier than usual. Then I ate my breakfast and packed my backpack. After that I rushed to school and finally made it on time. When I made it at school we got on the coach and we set off. We got into partners to sit next to on the coach and I was with Abdur-Rahim. The journey was long. As soon as I got out of the coach I felt the cold,fresh air brush against my cheeks.

    The first obstacle of the day was stepping stones. You had to cross them in order to get to the mountains. If you fell off you would land in a river and be all wet! Luckily I successfully got past them without falling down even though they were very slippery. I finally got to the mountain and started climbing. I could hear nothing but the sheep as it was so peaceful I could smell sheep manure. Also there were lots of mud and it was slippy. It took a while but I finally reached the summit of Thorpe cloud and felt sweet success. While we were on the summit I lied down on the rocks. After that we went down the mountain and eat our lunch. Then we went on the stepping stones again and took the coach home. We finally arrived home and got off the hot coach.

    By Faheem 🙂

  32. Dovedale diary,
    I woke up early than usual because we had to school because the couches were living at 8:00 am so I ate my breakfast and then pack my backpack so my sugar level dose’t go up and down.Then I went to school and we got to the couches.

    Then Mr Patel lead the way and we walked and walked until the stepping stones and it was so much fun.

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