Year Six Gallery 11/5 – 15/5

Happy Week 3 of Summer term Year Six, I hope you all had a wonderful bank holiday weekend and enjoyed the sun.

I just want to clarify, even though we are in lockdown as a country, you are very lucky you have a school system which wants you to continue gaining. Monday to Friday, 9am-3pm is still a school day where EVERY single child is expected to be actively on the blog completing the work set.

This is your compulsory timetable for each day:
Monday 11/5: English, Maths, Topic & Class Novel
Tuesday 12/5: English, Maths, Science & Class Novel
Wednesday 13/5: Reading LBQ, Maths, SMSC & Class Novel
Thursday 14/5: SPaG, Maths, Science & Class Novel
Friday 16/5: Quick reading, Maths, Topic & Class Novel

Other blogs are voluntary and we encourage you to explore other areas of learning such as spanish, music, art and the library section of the blog.

Below is a gallery of work produced by you all.
Please email all work you produce to the following email:



Raumaan created a fab rollercoaster and explained what he had learnt! Go Raumaan – we are very proud that your hard work paid off!




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  1. I am blown away by the creativity shown when making these rollercoasters. I remember when us teachers were talking about the concept of creating rollercoasters- never did we imagine to see such amazing pieces of work! Well done to those children who have blown us away with their science brains on!

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