27 thoughts on “6 Blue have the music blues 🎶

  1. I have enjoyed learnun about blues because we all have used diffwrent skills to show how well we can play the piano.wr all had fun learning about BLUE i hope every one enjoyed learning about blues.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    By Andreea 6 blue the best class

  2. I enjoyed learning about blues I never knew it would be that good🎶🎹🎙🎼🎧🎤🎻🎺🥁 .

  3. I have really enjoyed this music lesson as I have loved playing the pino and I like this type of music. The music was also really peaceful.

  4. I have enjoyed learning about the blues it was fun and the blog was good the blues are a fantastic band. When we played the piano it was fun.

  5. The blues music is a very calming sort of music. I really enjoyed the music lesson as I thought the music was very catchy even though it’s sort of repetitive. Never the less, it was an amazing lesson

  6. I liked Listening to the blues music I especially liked when we got to ho on garage band or piano to crate the pattern CCC

  7. I have really enjoyed listening to the blues music and learning about the blues and my favourite part is when we got to play the piano.

  8. I think this was a great lesson planned by the year 6 staff because everyone’s music was good when they played it and I think this was the best music 🎶 lesson.

  9. I really enjoyed learning about the blues music! I do like music that has a bit more life and folk music but it was nice. I still remember the piano pattern, CCCC CCCC FFFF CCCC GGGG FFFF CCCC.

  10. I enjoyed listening to the blues music song even if it’s not my type but it’s fun listening to different songs in made me feel calm relax and made me feel happy because sometimes when I’m sad all I like to think about is dancing and singing so I prefer this and just not that bad but it just not my type this it was so fun learning about the blues music I enjoyed it so much when we were trying to play the piano thank you for miss Ahmed and Miss Edwards for planning this lesson and all the Year 6 staff you are the best this is so awesome I’ve never played a real instrument before like a piano but this time even if it’s not piano I just get to do it so thank you for miss Ahmed ans Mrs Edwards the same as you are the best in the whole world.

    • Big shout out to Mr Harwood, the BH musical king! Who helped plan these lessons! Was great watching you all be so free and creative! Well done to all of Six Blue!

  11. I have enjoyed using garage band as I applied my knowledge of the blues to create a tune inspired by the Blues. However, I liked how Saniya, Uthmaan, Matthew, Sediqa and Rhys used their knowledge of the music style genre-the Blues to create an amazing tune ( -inspired by the blues) Those on the video above, Great Effort!

  12. I have really enjoyed learning about the blues style of music because it is a very fast pace type of song and I really enjoy this music. We also had a chance to make our own blue style of music.

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