19 thoughts on “6 Blue Literary Figures

  1. Benjamin Zephaniah enjoys writing about the environment and animal rights
    I enjoyed learning about his poem and performing it on a I movie and making the mood board.


  3. Benjamin Zephaniah mostly writes about rights because he wrote a poem about refugees and that they do have feeling.Also he wrote about turkeys have a right to not be killed and eaten on Christmas.The poem I enjoyed most was we refugees because he is portraying refugees are not bad people and they did once have a home.It also made me quite emotional when talking about refugees.

  4. I have enjoyed when we had to write our own poems in groups.
    Benjamin Zephaniah likes writieng poems about serious issues or things that he feels are important there for that means to me that Benjamin Zephaniah writes poems with 2 different meanings.My favourite poem is the British because he is saying that all the country’s and city’s should come together and be kind to one another.

  5. He enjoys writing about animal rights because on every Christmas everyone eats Turkey and he is a vegan and he is on the animals side.i like Talking Turkeys because I like the rhyme and rhythm through out the poem.However my favorite line is where it says say yo Turkey I’m on your side.

  6. 1) My most enjoyed aspect of project week was definitely creating those raps for the blog.

    2) Benjamin Zephiniah likes writing poems with split meanings. I can tell by his refugees and talkin turkeys poems.

    3) I mostly enjoyed talkin turkeys because it was comical and serious at the same time.

  7. Well done 6Blue, I really enjoyed learning about your Literary figure Mr Benjamin Zephaniah. The work you did was brilliant… 👍🏽👍🏽

  8. Benjamin Zephaniah likes writing about real situations in life such as war and refugees having to flee there country’s. The poem I enjoyed learning about the most is Talking Turkeys. I liked learning about Talking Turkeys the most because he is talking about people killing animals that shouldn’t be killed for our purpose and our good will.

  9. I enjoy writing about Talking turkey because it saying that animals right.

    I enjoy the one said;
    Say yo turkey I am on your side! Because it saying that it on your side.

  10. Benjamin Zephaniah likes writing about how he feels and his thoughts. I enjoyed Talking Turkeys because it is funny whilst holding a strong message.

  11. I have enjoyed talking turkey because I really liked his accent because it is really funny and he shares matters that are very important. He showcases it in a very funny way

  12. I enjoyed when we got to write our own poem and share it out to the class.
    He enjoys writing poems which are about turkeys and respect because he doesn’t want turkeys to get killed and country’s to be respected.
    I enjoyed the the British because it was about country’s and it was a easier poem to describe and write.

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