6 Blue Mountain Homework ⛰🏔

Year 6 homework this week was to make a 3D mountain. 

Our creative bunch came up with all different ideas and materials to make there mountain spectacular.

Here is a showcase of their work …. some of the mountains are just too good to not eat!!

What other materials could you use to make a mountain?

What features of mountain would you try to include?

12 thoughts on “6 Blue Mountain Homework ⛰🏔

  1. I would make my mountain out of cardboard because cardboard is very hard and if I used it then it would make my mountain very stable.However, if I had it made out of paper it would probably fall over as paper is not rigid therefore using paper is not a very good idea to use for making a mountain. Also you could make it from clay as it is also very rigid and is a good material to use to make a mountain.

  2. When I made my mountain I decided to make small mountains instead of a big one because it kept falling down.To make my mountains I used plastic containers and I put paper on top of it.I would recommend using paper Mache to make mountains and I would include using fabric for the grass and make the stream with rocks in it.

  3. I was considering making a papier-mâché model cake but my grandma persuaded me to bake a cake. I found a very good model of a grey dog cake so I took of the body parts and decorated it into a mountain. ⛰

  4. I really enjoyed making my cakes ( with my cousins eagerly watching and waiting to eating it) To make my mountain better I could have made it from clay or paper mache.

  5. What other materials could you use to make a mountain? You could use cardboard plastic and sponge.
    What features of mountain would you try to include? You could make it look pointy rigid and hard.

  6. I think even more better l could make a river use paint and l could make a sharp peak and also l could make a valley. Well done everyone you put a lot of effort in .

  7. What other matrials could you use to make a mountain?
    To be precise you can actually use anything to make a mountain if you can make other things with it you can make a mountain to the best way to make a mountain in my opinion is to make a mountain cake delicious and it also looks good what a treat who you can make a mountain out of take that is quite amazing but it can be very hard work sometimes.
    What features of mountain will you try to include?
    Where to be honest I will actually include or maybe try to include a peak a Valley and other things but sometimes I can’t just remember or explain it so so yeah that’s my answers for the questions and also thank you for letting us eat the delicious mountains it was quite a treat if I’m being honest hahaha sorry sometime I just not a piece of cake and other times I’m like ok I’m over this cake business.

  8. Love the creativity, time and detail put into making these masterpieces!

    BIG thank you to the parents and adults of the above children- we really appreciate the support!

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