27 thoughts on “6 Blue-Mutual Respect!

  1. If I saw someone getting bulled I would go tell a teacher because they would listen to a teacher more than a child. They would feel greatful and happy.

  2. If I saw someone being bullied I will tell them to stop and think about what they have just done and how this could make other people feel.I would think they would be thinking no one likes me or apreshiates me they will be very upset about it and it will make there self confidence go a little bit down. Every one deserves to be happy and equally treated.

  3. If I saw someone fighting over a pencil and one person is saying that it is theirs and finally snatching it of the other person I would come up to the person and tell him to give back the pencil and if he wouldn’t listen to me I would tell the teacher so the teacher told the bully to give the pencil back to the kid and apologise. I think he was quite sad and upset that he was treated that way.I also think that everyone should have a friend that can back them up in the sad times and when he is upset remember it is hard to find such a nice friend but search for someone that can always cheer you up and that is never aggressive toward you.

  4. If I saw someone upseting somebody else I would say your upseting someone please stop your hurting there feelings. If they really said that they will make me upset aswel. I think everyone deserves to feel happy and positive.

  5. If I saw two people fighting arguing I would try to stop the trouble before it would turn into a fight.I would also call a teacher to tell them to stop.I think this will teach them a lesson.I think this will hurt their feelings and also make them really unhappy.It will teach them not to do this thing again

  6. First of all, it’s very important that we respect each other and treat everyone respectfully and equally and show tolerance.

    1st Scenario:
    If I saw someone with white skin colour being racist to a person with black skin colour, who also was not respecting that person and was insulting the person. I would firstly tell that person why are you being so rude to that person? Could you stop? Also I would say what is wrong with the person’s skin colour? You should be nice to everyone and treat them nicely and respectfully, how would you feel if someone was rude to you and did not like your skin colour?!

    In reality, my skin colour is black, it’s sad having a skin colour which some people unlike and disrespect. I wonder why my skin colour. What’s wrong with it?

    By Zeinab ^ __^

  7. If I saw a fight take place, first I would find out what is happening and depending on that, I would act and try calming people down or inform a member of staff. I know these are sensible ideas because if it is something petty like fighting over stationery I could easily help but if it was more serious, making a teacher aware would be best. I think it could make the people involved feel relieved that the conflict is over. I believe this should happen to stop violence 🛑😢

  8. If I saw people arguing and calling each other names I would try help them to calm down and solve the problem or tell them the walk away and not go near each other if you know you don’t get along.I would try to help because I don’t like to see people upset and disagreeing with each other and because the fight would get bigger.This would make me sad and scared when people fight.

  9. If I saw someone fighting with a person I wouldn’t join I would just tell of him/her but if it doesn’t work I would tell the person to stop fighting because it’s not a nice why to treat people and if you respect people correctly then people will respect you back the same way.

  10. If I got put with people I don’t know I would respect them and be kind to them and that would make me feel happy and them happy but if I didn’t respect them they would be sad upset ect.

  11. If I see someone arguing with someone else I will try to stop them by speaking with them. I will help them because it can hurt the other person feelings.

  12. If I saw two people arguing first I will ask what happened if it was not that serious I would try sorting it out . If it was serious I would tell someone older and more mature than me .

    I would sort it out because it can get more and more serious and someone can get hurt.


  13. If I saw someone be disrespectful to another person because their skin colour is darker or lighter, I would tell them to stop as it can hurt someone’s feeling.In my opinion,everyone should be treated the same.This might make the person feel very low and might make them feel very uncomfortable to be around people.To help the person,I would tell them to go and tell a teacher or ignore the other person.I would do this to keep the person safe and happy.

  14. If worked in a group and people were arguing I would tell them to calm down and work it out more calmly.I would make sure they worked it out properly.I would do that because I wouldn’t want them to get more angry and violent.

  15. If I saw a person that fell over and hurt themselves, no matter who they are or what they’ve done in the past, I would always help them. It’s not right to discriminate and disrespect others, you should bring others up while bringing yourself up. The world would be a happy place with nothing negative. With lots of respect, everyone will feel happy and not scared to go places because they feel insecure
    From Matthew 💜

  16. I don’t want this to happened because that would be really sad about what happened. If someone would get hurt I would be really sad about them , they would feel shocked and upset. I would help that person and think about them.

    By Ilhan

  17. Scenario:
    If there is a group of people playing football and someone gets injured badly the w people would get into a argument and they would fight.I would go up to them and say there’s no need to fight because it is normal to get fouled in football and if you dont like getting fouled I suggest you shouldn’t play football.
    I would say that so none of the hurt each other

    By Ismail Ali

  18. When I was playing football with a boy l asked him if l could play football with you and he said no you can’ play football with me and I was very sad and lonely

  19. If I saw a fight I would go straight to an grownup.By telling why do you fight or hate your making this situation worse for your self and making you as bad as that person who hurt you.I would do this because if I didn’t they would feel sad and sucide and that would be bad .They derserve a right to be happy and peacefull

  20. If I saw a group of children shouting and fighting and saying bad things about each other I would tell them to stop fighting and be kind to each other I would do this because it would make the world a better place and if everybody was fighting nobody would make friends.

  21. If your in a group working on a poster in school and you can’t agree with someone maybe you should say kindly that the idea is good but we should do it this way . This way they will feel that they are contributing and so are you.

  22. In the playground, someone (a boy) was talking to a girl and then someone started bullying them for it. If I was there I would stand up for the victim by saying stop to the bully. If I was the victim I would feel really sad and depressed.

  23. If I were to see somebody arguing I would try and make peace between the two people before they end up doing something bad. I would tell them think about what your about do to before you do it because you will regret it later. I think it might make The that person that is arguing a bit more calm and will make me feel like a hero. I think everyone deserves to feel happy. Also I hope people will do the same.

  24. I could make someone feel better by whenever they fall down or anything I would help them so they don’t feel sad and embarrassed I think this would make them feel happy because if someone falls down you should help them and not walk away laughing,smiling or pretending nothing has happened because there feelings will be very sad and they would feel like they have no friends.

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