6 Blue Mystery Freeze Frames

In literacy children in 6 blue have been looking at the genre of mystery stories. 

Today we used drama to create freeze frames to show a shift in time in the film Roads End.

From the frames can you answer the following questions.

When do you notice the shift in time?

What parts of the film can you see in the images?

How are the characters feeling? How are their feelings different? 

27 thoughts on “6 Blue Mystery Freeze Frames

  1. 1) I noticed the shift time was in the afternoon.
    2)In the images I can see when the mystery man was stopping the topple over car wheel from spinning.
    3)The mystery man might be thinking this is the time for the car crash and the driver might have felt nervous what will happen.

  2. I know when the sift in time? Eavining
    I can see the part of the film is when you are driving.
    The carecters are feeling sad because the will diet and the man with the goggles tell you the feature

  3. 1)The scene change at the start.

    2)In the scenes I can see that when Harvey puts up his finger that is the start and Rayhaan spins the wheel which is also in the start.
    3)Their feeling are quite frightened and curious what happened to the mystery man.

  4. The shift in time is when the car crashes. The points showcased are the man driving. Then mystery man goes in the car, car crashes. Mystery man gets in another car.
    The driver is anxious and the man is… well he is emotionless really.

  5. When do you notice the shift in time? I noticed the shift in time when they were in the car.
    What parts of the film can you see in the images? I saw the images showcasing what happened in the story.
    How are the characters feeling?They are feeling curious. How are their feelings different? They are different because one feels curios and one feels alright.

  6. 1)the shift in time is when the scene changes
    2)I can see the mystery man is spinning the wheel and the driver is happily driving of.
    3)at the start I think the driver is feeling curious about what is this mystery man and what happened to him.

  7. 1)The shift in time is when the scene changes

    2)I see that the Mystery man is spinning the wheel on the car that is topled over also he tricks the driver by sitting in the car and when it’s time the driver will fall off the mountain edge and he will die.

    3)I think the driver is feeling nervous of how the mystery man is looking at him Because he won’t know what is going to happen next and the way the man checks the time the man think he’s going to blow up the car but he looked at the mystery man and the car fell off the edge off mountain.

  8. 1)I notice the shift in time when the scenes change.

    2)I can see a car crash,the driver is looking into the murders eyes and the murdera stoping the driver.

    3) I thinks the driver is feeling worried because he just looked in to the murdurs goggles and saw the furniture and the the car crashed.

  9. I now when they shift in time because their moving quickly and because when they move they keep on freezing.
    One of the picture there’s the man that died and the mystery man that is staring at the man.
    The characters must have been feeling nervous to go on stage and their feelings change because other people feel confident and the people who are doing this feel not so confident.

  10. 1.When do you notice the shift in time? We you shitf in time when you are doing a Freeze Frames like not talking. I have enjoyed learning shitf time because it help you know some Freeze Frames.
    2. What parts of the film can you see in the images? I could see The car crash like a old car , and i can see the man looked at the other man that he never seen him before.
    3. How are the characters feeling?Theyy might fell Shoked , Upset and nervous.
    by ilhan

  11. I notice shift In time when they quickly change from one scene to another.
    I notice the bit when the stranger puts his thumb to stop the taxi.
    The driver is feeling anxious and the stranger is feeling nothing but killing.
    There feelings are different to each other cause the drivers calm and he’s a killer.

  12. When the group of people change scene.
    I notice that they are spinning the wheels from the tipped over car.
    I think the driver is curios to find out who he is.
    There feelings are different because the man is creepy and the driver is scared

  13. 1)The shift in time was when the scence changed.
    2)When the man is touching the car,the man is giving weird expressions and a
    car crash.
    3)The driver is curious because the man is looking at him in a strange way and he kept looking at his watch than the driver.

  14. 1) I notice the shift in time, when either the actors click their hands, show signals with their hands etc: thumbs up and when they pause for a few seconds and do the next scene.

    2) When the mystery man and Driver share weird glances on the way and also when the driver is unexpectedly died from a car crash.

    3) In my opinion, I think the Driver was feeling quite confused, a tad bit petrified and curious because, he would wonder why this mystery man is not talking to him, replying to him, why is he fully disguised as if he is a criminal, whereas, the mystery man does not show much expression as he is fully disguised.

  15. I can notice the shift in time from when the mystery man goes into the taxi and when the taxi driver and his van or taxi crashes. I can see that the two people the mystery man and the taxi driver both sitting in a car, I can also see that the mystery man is about to enter the taxi in one photo . In some pictures I can see that the mystery man is ready to jump out the car and get saved from the crash however in other pictures I can see that the taxi driver is really concerned about this man , The feelings are different as the mystery man isn’t really confused about anything however the taxi driver is very concerned about the mystery man.

  16. 1) the scenes most commonly changed when the actors clicked or when they b put their thumbs up.
    2) when the man signalled the driver, the first car toppled over , they drove in the car and finally the death scene.
    3) The mystery man seems expressionless till The time of the guys death where his expression lights up a slight bit however for the driver , it is the complete opposite.

  17. I notice when the shift in time changes, because the scene will change, as the characters change positions.Picture number one indicates when the driver falls of his car. Picture number two indicates when the driver finds the unknown man peculiar. Picture number four indicates when the unknown man watches the wheel spinning on the toppled over car. The last picture indicates when the unknown man tells the driver to stop his car.

  18. 1. when they changed the scene .
    2.I can see the part where the man in the car spotted the man.
    3.in the first scene there suspicious and thinking why is the man standing in second scene there are feeling nervous why isn,t he talking in the last scene there are feeling scared.

  19. 1)When the group of people changed scene

    2)I can see the part at the beggining when the mystery man is touching the wheel of the toppled over car and i can see the part when the mystery man is in the car and he tricks the driver.

    3)I think that the driver is feeling curios because the mystery man is not saying anything and the driver might be thinking if he is going to do anything.There feelings are different because the mystery man is probably thinking it time to cause a crash whereas the driver is shocked when he sees the future through the myster mans goggles.

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