6 Blue – Reading Challenge

This half term your reading challenge is linked to the book

Treasure Island   written by Robert Lewis Stevenson.

There is an area at the back of our classroom where you can read and enjoy the chosen text.

There are several questions to answer such as

Unpick the phrase ‘Twist and Turn’ and summarise.

How do you know this text is not from a modern story?

Design the ship you feel Jim travelled on. (annotate your ship design with 3 reasons )

In what way is the story still influential?


Some of the questions can be answered on the blog, where as others will require it to be written or drawn and paper is available next to the challenge.

I hope you enjoy the text and that it encourages you to read more.

I look forward to all your responses.


Mr Patel was so impressed with your responses so far, looking forward to seeing all of your responses in the next few weeks.


4 thoughts on “6 Blue – Reading Challenge

  1. 1) The phrase ‘Twists and Turns’ can mean many things, one of them being you might expect the text to do the obvious thing but then do a different thing to trick the reader. Twists and turns also can create suspense so the reader can buy the next issue of the magazine. This is normally used with cliffhangers at the end of the extract to make the reader want to read more and buy the next extract.

    2) I know this text is not from the modern day as the story is about people looking for treasure on a ‘treasure island’ which is mainly referring to pirates. Pirates were known a few 100 years ago and there are no pirates hanging around in the 21st century.

    3) This story is influential as from this text, it carried on to many other bestsellers like ‘Swallows And Amazons’ and the major movie ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’

  2. The phrase ‘twist and turn’ means (based of the text) that the story could be going on one path and then transition to another.

    I know this as in the section about the book it says that the book was made in 1883 and The sequel (Swallows and Amazons) was made in the 1930s and considering the fact that this was made in 1883 it must have taken some time to find the book and make a sequel.

    3rd challenge completed on paper.

    This is still influential as (in my opinion) due to the story having many unexpected twists and turns it brings me in and wants me to read more.

  3. The phrase ‘Twist and turn’ means to make a plot twist and change the direction the story is going in. For example if someone was walking down the road with a friend and then they get ambushed that’s what a plot twist means.

    I feel this text is not from the modern 21st century because the ship was moaning and groaning and very few ships have sails and not motor because of the sentence. ‘I was a good enough sailor’.

    The influence in this story is that Jim is travelling to treasure island 🌴 and find the treasure however during the first page Jim is reluctant about travelling but eventually towards the end he starts to be determined and wants the treasure.

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