6 Blue’s Reflections

Below is a video showcasing our fantastic learning and reflections on our our year six journey so far.


What have you enjoyed?
What are you looking forward to achieving?
What has been a challenge so far?
How will you rise to the challenge and become even better?

Thank you to Saniya, Sophia and Matthew for creating this weeks video. Keep posted, to see what we get up to next week.

20 thoughts on “6 Blue’s Reflections

  1. I have enjoys swimming we’re we got to swim on our backs and fronts I also enjoyed maths. I am looking forward to achieve maths. Literacy has been a challenge for me so far as we had to write 8 paragraphs for the mystery man start. I will riese the challenge and be better at English.

  2. Since i have came back to broadheath i have enjoyed doing maths work and learning abot mystery stories and i have also enjoyed science because we have been looking at the blood vessels which are arteries veins and the capillaries also i enjoyed the looking at the circulatory system in science

  3. Since we have come back, I have enjoyed our daily mental arithmetic papers as it tests me on how much I remember from year five. I’m looking forward to achieving my SATs papers with a pass on them I hope I do pass as every one is really trying really hard. So far in year six I have faced many challenges such as: trying my best in every mental arithmetic paper, even though I may not get a score I wanted. To rise to the challenge and become even better if you skills I need are Reading maths questions properly and understanding them before I write the answer. If I do this I would’ve earned a mark from one maths lesson as I never read the question properly.

  4. I enjoyed when we came back from school and we did adding by 10s 100s and 1000s I found this really easy as I learnt this in year 5 I am loon forward to getting better at my maths skills and improving them I will rise my challenge by listening to the lesson and getting my questions right because our SaTs Are coming.

  5. Since we have come back from the holidays I have enjoyed learning about adding and subtracting by 10s 100s and 1000s.I am excited to write my own mystery story.So far I think that I have kept up with the expectations and the teachers are impressed with my behaviour so I will keep it up and rise to the challenges ahead.I am not confident to do my says but I will try my best with it.

  6. This week, I enjoyed maths lesson as we learnt about place value and adding 10,100,1000 and 100000 to a 8 digit number. I enjoyed this because I normally find maths a bit difficult but this week I was very confident.I am looking forward to learn more skills in maths and get good marks for my arithmetic tests.The most challenging piece of work was when we had to describe our own character description,because I found it a bit hard to start my sentence.To rise the challenge and be even better,I would always practice my time tables at home,practise my spellings and always put 100percent in my homework.

  7. I really enjoyed the eid assembly And I enjoyed practising it i had to learn my line and It was very nerve wrecking For me But I try to do my best when we done the eid assembly .

  8. We had a very busy week with lots of new learning and all the practice for our Eid assembly. As always 6blue you rose to the occasion putting in lots of dedecation and effort to all that you did. Well done to all the children who helped create this weeks blog post.

  9. I have enjoyed maths.
    I am looking forward to learning new skills and knowledge in maths.
    A challenge has been the arithmetic tests.
    I am aiming to get full marks in my arithmetic tests.
    It am rising to the challenge by practising my arithmetic.

  10. I have enjoyed doing arithmetic/mental maths tests, which I believe could help me pass my SATS, as well as revising. I am looking forward to doing algebra and hopefully achieve that. However, what I have found hard is in some of the certain questions of the arithmetic test were quite tricky, other than that I found the other lessons quite okay. To become even better, I will always read the question properly until I understand and check my work thoroughly, if I do this(I must), in the future, I will be able to pass my SATS and exams.

  11. I have enjoyed English when we were doing our mystery stories
    i am looking foward to achieving my converting skills in maths.
    maths has very easy but in my opinion I think we should numbers higher than a million.
    i will rise to the challenge by learning my converting skills in maths

  12. I have enjoyed myself in 6 blue my favourite subject is basic skills and I am doing great with my homework. Mrs edwards and miss ahmed are wonderful teachers and teach us well.

  13. Since I came back from the summer holiday I wasn’t working so hard but I’m sure I will improve in literacy I enjoyed when we were looking at mystery stories and writing them.I am looking forward to getting the green stamp in my literacy book because ever since we started piracy I got the green stamp and also doing very well in my maths.The thing I have felt challenging so far is the arithmetic tests and I’m a bit nervous because my SATS are even harder.I will rise to the challenge by keep on revising and listening in all lessons.And well done to the children who did the voice overs.

  14. I loved the English and l would took to write my mystery story. I would like to ached my arethmantic test. It has been hard on my maths test which I could improve.

  15. I have enjoyed English when we were doing our mystery stories
    i am looking foward to achieving my maths and learning new skills .
    my maths has been very challenging and i am push myself even more.
    i will rise to the challenge by listening in lesson and concentrating on my work.

  16. Being back at broad Heath I have enjoyed lots of things such as art, display work, arethmatic sheets and our mystery topic in literacy, however the best thing is seeing my friends again. I am really excited to do the fiver challenge and McMillan coffee morning. So far, I believe I have been up to expectations and work has been quite easy however I am excited for the challenges ahead. To succeed, I must respect my teachers and focus on my own work rather than being a distraction.

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