6 Red Brick Wall prize!

Congratulations to 6 Red for winning the brick wall prize!

In order to win the brick wall, it takes excellent behaviour and consistently hard work; we deserve our reward of a film afternoon with popcorn and will do this on Friday next week!

Mrs Frankish has given me some money to buy a film for us to watch but I can’t decide what to buy – please can you help me choose. Post what you would like to watch below and I will count the votes and choose a winner on Tuesday. Remember your choice must be age-appropriate!



  1. Nine lives is a very funny film,watching the trailer I knew tghis was the film.

    I recommend watching the trailers of the suggested films and see which one.

  2. I would like to watch:

    *the ronaldo movie

    *Harry Potter

    *The new power ranger movie

    *Fantastic beasts and where to find them

    *Jungle Book

  3. Dear Mr McCabe,
    I would like to watch the following films:
    1 The boss baby
    2 Kong skull island
    3 Karate kid
    4 Minions
    Sing and Harry Potter order of the Phoenix.

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