6 Red Celebrating England…⚽️

Today, Year 6 celebrated England’s achievement of reaching the semi- finals in the Euro 2020’s. They had an amazing morning playing and developing their football skills and team building skills. The weather was perfect and we would like to wish England all the best for Sunday.
Congratulations England and ‘It’s Coming HOME!!!!!!

7 responses to “6 Red Celebrating England…⚽️”

  1. Hood T.

    Had so much fun playing football ⚽️

  2. Laiba R.

    It was so much fun on Friday I enjoyed it thanks.

  3. Lakeysha M.

    Had so much fun on England day 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 . Such a same they didn’t win Euro 2020 but we are still proud of the England football team for getting to the FINALS ! 🏆

  4. Jawariyah A.

    Foot ball was really hard but I tried.

  5. Haniah T.

    It was so fun in Friday I enjoyed it thanks!!

  6. Mr Patel

    Well done for a great day!

    1. Haniah T.

      Thank you Mr Patel (:

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