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6 Red debate! Should Mowgli stay or go?

This week Year 6 kicked off their narrative unit based on The Jungle Book in English. They were thinking about the dilemma the animals of the jungle had in terms of whether they should keep Mowgli in their midst.

Through study of the text and watching film clips we considered the differing points of view and prepared statements for a debate.

Watch the video and let us know what You think?

8 thoughts on “6 Red debate! Should Mowgli stay or go?

  1. i think Mowgli should stay and be cared by the animals because he hasn’t stayed in the wild for his whole life. If they left him he would not be safe by this dangerouse animals called Shere Khane.

  2. I think he should stay how he is because if he goes to the people and explain what happened they would think he’s crazy and maybe kill him also if he show it would prove and bring the animals they would shoot at them.

  3. In my opinion Mowgli should stay because he grew up in the jungle.He should also stay because the other animals would make sure Shere Khan would stay away from Mowgli.If Mowgli would go live with the other man-cubs Shere Khan would be able to go kill him,however if he would saty it would be harder for Shere Khan to kill him.

  4. In my opinion,I think Mowgli should go because he needs to be with his own kind.Its kind that Baheera looked after him and the wolves raise him is fine but Shere Khan was out to get him.And it’s good to be with his own kind.

  5. In my opinion,they should keep Mowgli because he will be away from the danger of Shere Khan and there is no reason for Shere Khan to have him because he kills man Cubs not look after them.

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