6 Red descriptive writing

For our mystery writing, we learnt to use a range of descriptive language. For example:

– Subordinating conjunctions as openers

– Fronted adverbials

– Figurative language

– Adjectival phrases

Here is some of our work. What do you think? What have you learnt?

24 thoughts on “6 Red descriptive writing

  1. I think all our work was great but to improve my mystery story I could add more figurative language.I could also improve my writing by using more fronted adverbials.In my writing I learnt how to use suspense to draw the reader into the story and create an image in their head.

  2. I think that all of our writing is great and could be used in so many ways.I think I could improve on the use of semi colons and metaphors.

  3. I think I need to improve on adding adverbial phrases ad a bit more relative clauses.I have learnt more descriptve/figurative language to use in my writing.

  4. I think the whole of six red understood the mystery story theme.I have learnt that to add supense and I need to add more figurative language.📚🖊

  5. I think that our work is very good because we tried so hard to complete it 👍🏻. I have learnt lot of sentence openers which I can include in my writing 📝.

  6. I think that these are all really good pieces of work and that the children should all be proud of what they have done in their work. I have learnt many more phrases that I can use in my descriptive writing next time

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