6 Red: English – Wednesday 13th January

Watch the main teach video first:

Videos of The Monster:

Monster Description Generator (Use the vocab to give you ideas).


ZOOM Support Session – Miss Kaur and Ms Janjua will be running a Zoom call between 11:00AM to 11:40AM for anyone who would like feedback on their ideas, or struggling with vocabulary.

aneesah janjua is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: aneesah janjua’s Zoom Meeting English
Time: Jan 13, 2021 11:00 AM London

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Meeting ID: 926 5525 2854
Passcode: Monster

Tasks and SharePoint:

Your task is to:
1) draw a picture of a monster in your homework book.

2) write descriptive sentences around it to describe it (think about what it looks like, sounds like, how it moves, how it smells). Use the progress points below to work out which features you should include & use the slides on the PDF below for lots of AMAZING vocabulary ideas.

3) comment on the blog once you have uploaded your work to the sharepoint and explain if you think you achieved bronze, silver or gold in your comment. Tell us which features you used in your sentences.

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Send work to:
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32 thoughts on “6 Red: English – Wednesday 13th January

    • Good effort Zubeyr. I can see you have used expanded noun phrase, remember to put comma between two adjectives. You have used similie , but ensure not to use in all sentences. Have a range of sentences.

    • I am glad you have described it’s personality. Could you describe it’s teeth or eyes using a simile. You can respond with a comment below instead of in your book.

    • If the video isn’t working the flip chart and task is at the bottom of the page.
      Your task is to draw your own monster and annotate it with great vocabulary and phrases. Use all 5 senses. Look at the task, start it and maybe come back to the video.

    • Well done Scarlett. I can see you have used expanded noun phrases , and personification. Challenge– Rewrite one of your sentences including relative clause.

    • Ebraheem love your monster drawing and descriptive phrases around it.
      Please can you write two of your descriptive phrases in sentences.

    • This is not the quality of work I would expect from you. Can you write 3 full sentences (in response to this comment) that use:
      1) figurative language
      2) subordination
      3) relative clause.

    • Good expanded noun phrases. I can’t read what it smells like, can you respond with that on here please.

      Challenge: find a synonym for very loud

    • You were supposed to draw the monster and annotate it.

      Can you check this sentence: Its hands as big as a giraffe. This doesn’t make sense, it’s missing a word, also this doesn’t work as a simile because it doesn’t make your reader imagine giant hands, it makes them imagine a giraffe. Could you edit this sentence please?

    • Damanpreet you have not completed task as asked. Please join in MRs Janjua’s zoom call at 11 for help to complete this task. Link and password is on the blog.

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