6 Red – First day!

Well done for a great first day!

You have all shown us what you are capable of in year 6. If you continue with this attitude, you will do very well!

Your challenge for tonight:

We would like you to write what you would like to achieve in year 6. Please include the following:

  • What you would like to achieve?
  • Why?
  • How will you achieve this?
  • Who will help you?

If you all do this, then there will be precious dojo points awarded to the class! 

Remember, our mantra is….


If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

37 thoughts on “6 Red – First day!

  1. What you would like to achieve?
    I like to achieve in my maths😄😄
    Because my time table had been improve😁😁
    How will you achieve this?
    Practice at home 🏠 🏠
    Who will help you?
    Mrs Hurt 😊😊😌😌

  2. I would like to achieve my Fraction skills because it’s really hard and I will achieve it by practising 3 times a week and my big brothers or my cousins or my parents could help me.

  3. I would like to achieve by improving my handwriting so I could get better handwriting. I willachieve this by practicing at home several times. My parents will help me.

  4. 1) I would like to be able to work faster.
    2) I would like to achieve this so that I can get more work done quickly.
    3) I will achieve this by going home after school and timing how fast I can do what we did that day in school. Then, I will come back to it the next day and try to beat my score.
    4) My parents will help me achieve this by marking my work so that I know if I got it right and what I need to do next time to make it better.

  5. I would like to achieve my football skills and my maths because I am not so good at maths and I’m going to practise at home and it will help me in my SATS when I do them and my parents will help me.

  6. 1.I want to achieve better handwriting
    2.i want to achieve better handwriting because so the teacher or anyone else can read it
    3.i could achieve this by practice my handwriting
    4.my sister can help me getting better handwriting

  7. In Year 6,I would like to be a better mathematician.I would like to get better at complicated fractions because I want to do good on them in my SAT’s.I will achieve this by finishing SAT’s workbooks.My big sister will help me because she did and passed her SAT’s so she could help a lot.

  8. I would like to achieve my handwriting and math skills. Because then the teachers will be able to see what I have wrote and maths because then I will never get stuck with the problems.i will achive this by practising at home…and my mom and dad will help me with this.

  9. i would like to achieve to make my handwriting neat.I would like to do this because my handwriting is not very good right now.To do this i will try harder in handwriting lessons and practise at home.Mr Patel can help me make my handwriting perfect.

  10. In year 6 I would like to achieve my spelling scores by practicing more
    And I will ask for help when needed.
    I think I need to achieve this the teachers can read my writing.
    I will ask my mom to help test me on different words and the spelling cards the school gives us.

  11. I would like to gain more knowledge in geography especially my locating skills as that is something I struggle with.Iwould like to achieve this as I have never been good at it and I know it is a skill I need to improve on to get through year 6.I will achieve this by doing extra work at home in my spare time I might by an atlaso and do further research.My sisters and mom will help me.Not only them but my lovely teachers will too.

  12. I would like to have faster writing and also for it to be neater. I would want to achieve these because they will help me with my SATs. I will achieve these by practising at home.
    My parents and Sam my brother will help me.

  13. I would like to achieve my spelling skills I will do this by practicing at home 1 or 2 times a day.The people who could help me achieve this are my parents and family.I would like to achieve my reading skills so that I could get past my SAT”s. I will do this by reading really challenging books at home.The people who could help me are my parents.My parents could help me by making sure I read more at home and that I never give up.

  14. I would like to achieve in my SPaG (English),specifically on Subordinate clauses.I will achieve this by at home i will write down some sentences and add the subordinate clause in the right places so then my parents can check if I have used the subordinate clause in my sentence appropriately.

  15. I would achieve great scores in my sat’s I will do this by revising nearly every day (On weekends).I would like to achieve this so I can get into a great secondary school and hopefully become a paeditrician ( Doctor for kids ).My parents,tuition and school.

  16. I would like to achive my by understand some hard vocarbly I would do that by using a Dictionaryto help my parent will help if there’s words thats hard to say.

  17. I would like to achieve doing my joins correctly i would like to do this because Mr Patel told me that I would need to improve this i would do this by practicing at least 1or2 times a day my teachers would help me do this by giving me some words to practice.

    I would also like to achieve my maths in fractions i want to achieve this because I find fractions a little bit hard i will achieve this by asking my mum to give me some maths equations to do with fractions.

  18. 1) I would like to achieve is getting A’s in year 6 sats-because my parents will be proud of me and I can get a better job.

    2) I can achieve it by trying my hardest and practice.

    3) maybe my parents or my brother or sister or teacher could help me.

  19. I want to improve my football skills because to be in the football team so l can play against other schools. I will achieve this by practising every Friday or Thursday at eighty seven centre.
    My cousin will come because they are older then me so they can teach me some tricks

  20. I would like to be able to pass my SATs. I would like to do this so I can have a great job when I am older and have a better chance to get into a good secondary school, also have a better life knowing I passed.

  21. I would like to achieve in my reading and and improving my language.
    Because it will help my in my reasoning and reading in my SAT’s.
    I will achieve by reading more books and learning how to go in more detail in my reasoning skills.The people who will help are my parents and my family by trying every day and eventually I will get there.

    • This is great to hear. You will do great this year as you are a dedicated and determined person. Remember this as you progress through year 6. See you tomorrow, Asia.

    • I will achieve by reading and trying to study 2 or 3 times a week.I feel this will help with most things but especially my SATs.The person that can help me is my brother as he is very good at English.

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