6 Red – Friday 22nd May

Hello Year six, it’s Friday !! Also the last day of this half term ! Where have the last four weeks gone? It’s absolutely flown by, it’s so bizarre how quick time passes. Anyway are you looking forward to a lovely relaxing break next week? Anyone doing anything special? I am sure some of you will still be celebrating Eid! If you are celebrating I hope you and your families have a really nice time.

During the past few months life has changed for us all. Our normal routines have had to be adapted and we have had to spend time away from our loved ones. School life has changed so much and it’s been strange for everyone to learn to work from home. For some children across the world, this wouldn’t have caused a great deal of disruption as they have already been attending a boarding school. They would have already had a routine in place for when they have learning time, complete their studies independently after “school hours” and have their free time. So my question to you all today is:

It would be better to go to a boarding school than a day school.

Do you agree or disagree with this statement? What would the advantages and disadvantages be of going to a boarding school? If you had a choice would you want to be sent to a boarding school?

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  1. I disagree because if you go boarding school you can’t see your parents every day and spend time with them every day. The boarding school you feel look like long time at school because same class mats and same room mats that’s way but you can learn something good thing like it’s make you independent. Whatever you do you have to do it by self.

  2. I disagree as when taking part of a boarding school, you wont get to see your family often, which may distract students learning as well as mental health. Students will also be worried about making new friends as you may be shy and nervous to approach others, but making friends in a normal school wont be as hard as your parents are always there for you, they will motivate and help you. Seeing your parents, to me, is a very important thing as they have raised you and they have cared for you. Because of them, you are here today, and without them you wouldn’t succeed in life.

  3. I would disagree because when you go to boarding school you are not going to be able to see your family and if you have asthma attacks need to be monitored closely.

  4. I think that day schools are better than boarding schools because u
    get to see ur family and parents more often and u still get the education needed. Although with boarding schools you won’t be able to see ur parents and family that often.

  5. I Agree with boarding school because it will help your social skills by sleeping with someone and you still get the education needed also as you have no people like parents there you would learn things you wouldn’t do at home.

  6. I disagree going to boarding school because at our school you have a range of different food you can eat but when you are in boarding school you may only have a choice of two.

  7. i think day school is better than boarding school because if you go to boarding school you wont be able to see your parents for a long time however if you go to days school you would be able to see your parent everyday.

    • Hello Medina, it’s lovely to see you on the blogs! Remember sentences start with a capital letter. Medina could you please complete the work set on the “Aqua group” blog a few days ago.

  8. Good morning Miss Kaur, how are you today?
    So my question to you all today is:
    It would be better to go to a boarding school than a day school.
    Do you agree or disagree with this statement?
    No. This is because you do not get too see your family daily and I think that it is important to have time with your family. Additionally, you are not able to interact with people outside of school that often. Therefore, I believe that it would not be better to go to a boarding school than a day school.

  9. I disagree because if you go to a boarding school you are away from your family and this may distract some people from their studies whereas in a normal school you get a chance to see your family.

  10. I disagree because if you go boarding school you may forget something but if you go to a day school you could get the office to ring your parents. Also if you go boarding school you wont see your parents for a very long time. If you are poorly at a day school you don’t Coe in but if you are poorly in a boarding school you still have to do work.

    • Good morning Leona, yes being in a boarding school can be difficult if you become poorly. So I take it you wouldn’t go to a boarding school if you had a choice?

  11. I agree because I think that bording school is better than normal school days. I think it is because you Haverford time of learning and that you get to sleep with one of your roomates.

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