6 Red – Granny ( part 10 )

Good afternoon guys, today we are going onto reading part 10 of our class book “Granny.” Thanks once again to the author ( Anthony Horowitz ) and the publisher.

On Friday afternoon we discovered that granny takes Joe on a little holiday to Bideford in Devonshire. Joe soon learns that his granny can be really mean and horrible. Before a boarding their train, granny has a run in with one of the guards working at the train station. She didn’t approve of the manner in which the guard spoke to her in ( like she was a child ), so to get her own back she uses super glue to glue the guard’s hand onto the train. Once the train sets off, well so did the guard! Once they arrive at their hotel, it comes to a Joe’s attention that the hotel is full of grannies, just grannies. There was something peculiar about the grannies, they were all in possession of some sort of scientific equipment. He learns that in the evening there is an award ceremony to be held in the Elsie Bucket conference room.

Let’s read on part 10 – The Grannymatic Enzyme Extractor.

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