6 Red – Granny (part 8)

Good afternoon guys here is part eight of our class book “Granny.” Thanks once again to the author ( Anthony Horowitz ) and the publisher. So yesterday we discovered that after the death of Mrs Jinks, the Wardens try to find another nanny for Joe. Both Mr Warden and Mrs Warden are not interested in spending any large amounts of time with Joe. Both Wolfgang and Irma had gone away for their summer holidays and the Wardens were left without a butler or a cook, this did not help matters. The house begins to fall apart and Mrs Warden isn’t the best cook. Mrs Warden wants to go aboard to stay in their one bedroom flat in Cannes but there is the issue of who will look after Joe. Granny offers her services to look after Joe, who is not best pleased. He persuades his mum and dad that Mr Lampy is more than capable of looking after him and granny then states of something was to happen to Mr Lampy, she would then kindly come over to look after Joe. Unfortunately Mr Lampy was killed in an explosion, which Joe suspected his granny had a part in his death. Granny then moves in to look after Joe, whilst his parents leave to go on holiday.

Let’s read on , part 8 – gathering of the grannies…

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