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  1. Dear diary

    Dovedale is a beautiful limestone gorge in the River Dove valley famous for its ashwoods and geological features.

    Dovedale took its shape as vast quantities of melting water from retreating icefields cut through the limestone bedrock. Water erosion formed caves (such as Dove Holes and Reynard’s Cave) which were left dry as the river cut even deeper.

    The caves have been used for thousands of years to provide shelter. Evidence has been found that Ice Age hunters used them as bases during their hunting forays.

    Later, Neolithic farmers used caves like Reynard’s Cave to bury their dead.

    The River Dove has been popular with fishermen, and was mentioned in 17th Century angling books.

    The word ‘dub’ comes from the pre-Saxon word meaning black, referring to the river’s dark passage through the gorge.

    Many of the weirs across the river were built to improve the habitat for trout and so improve the fishing. The river was also used to power several mills.

  2. Dear diary,
    Today was a brilliant day because I had a fantastic day on a trio to dovedale with my school.When I arrived at school at 7:40 I sat down I my seat patiently waiting for the coaches to arrive.Soon at 8:00 the coach had arrived so the teachers quickly told us our groups and then we headed to our coach.Unfortunetly,I had to be in Mr Patels coach sooo I was VERY SAD!!

    After a 2 hour journey,we finally arrived at dovedale and before doing anything we had to go to the toilet before climbing the massive mountain.After every one went toilet we are our snacks and enjoyed them.

    After we walked a long time we reached some stepping stones which were indeed very slippery so I had to be extra careful.

  3. Dear Diary,
    Today has been the best day of an trip because year6 have been welcomed to Dovdale. First we arrived at the meeting place and we went toilet and also had crunchy snack. Secondly, we went and slowly and carefully walked on the park-our then after we climed the rocky hill and it was really really muddy. However so people were slipping and it was realy fun thank you.


  4. Dear diary,
    Today has been the most exciting trip ever! We walked along slippery stepping stones (with the help of teachers) in my opinion it was the second best thing. However the best thing was climbing up the hill/small mountain. When we got to the top it was so windy and cold but it was an amazing view, we could see everything. By far it was the best trip I have ever been on! My legs ached yet it was still fantastic, when it was lunch time so many people were happy because we had been walking all day.

  5. But also while we were there we learnt about the environment and the animals that live there.We saw sheep🐏 but there was poo everywhere.💩💩💩

  6. Dear Diary,
    The today was probably the best days I’ve had a Broad Heath.First when I first arrived at school I was thinking how amazing the trip will be.When we sat down on the coach I thought that I was still sleeping but when we arrived there I came back to reality because we have an amazing headteacher to give us a lucky trip like this.As we were climbing up the hill we had to be careful but have fun at the same time.We all reached to the top safely and while it was freezing we didn’t let that bother us we carried on having fun.But my highlight of the day WA s when we all reached the top.But the fear I conquered was that I reached the top.
    My greatest achievement was climbing to the top even if my feet were tired,I was tired and everyone was tired but we still did it.

  7. I cannot answer the questions as I wasn’t there, but I hope you all had fun!!!
    By the way, I was ill but I will come back tomorrow in fancy dress 👍👍👍👍 😃😃😃😃 🤧🤮

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