6 Red Mindset Day 2

Today, we focused on confidence and how to keep our positive momentum going on. We created certificates to celebrate our achievements. We wrote our affirmations and learnt the key to affirmations is to combine affirmations with actions.

Please share three achievements you have achieved in last two days.

Share your act of kindness for the day.

How can you improve tomorrow?


  1. three achievements I have achieved in last two days are:
    Helping my little brother how to draw and make a paper plane.
    Winning a football match against my cousins.
    winning a cricket match against my brothers.

  2. 1) Three achievements on that day I have achieved in the last two days was learning new words from my reading book that I didn’t understand , learn how to make an origami bird and complete my puzzle .

    2) My act of kindness when I got home was to help my mum make dinner and in the morning the next day I said good morning to the teachers at the gate .

    3) I could’ve improved tomorrow by thinking more about the positive things that could come not about the negative things and I could have promised to do my affirmations every day or week to improve .

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