6 Red Mindset Day 2

Today, we focused on confidence and how to keep our positive momentum going on. We created certificates to celebrate our achievements. We wrote our affirmations and learnt the key to affirmations is to combine affirmations with actions.

Please share three achievements you have achieved in last two days.

Share your act of kindness for the day.

How can you improve tomorrow?

18 thoughts on “6 Red Mindset Day 2

  1. three achievements I have achieved in last two days are:
    Helping my little brother how to draw and make a paper plane.
    Winning a football match against my cousins.
    winning a cricket match against my brothers.

  2. 1) Three achievements on that day I have achieved in the last two days was learning new words from my reading book that I didn’t understand , learn how to make an origami bird and complete my puzzle .

    2) My act of kindness when I got home was to help my mum make dinner and in the morning the next day I said good morning to the teachers at the gate .

    3) I could’ve improved tomorrow by thinking more about the positive things that could come not about the negative things and I could have promised to do my affirmations every day or week to improve .

  3. I have learnt to not give up on my dreams no matter what and to accomplish them and to always have a growth mindset.

    I can improve tommorow by being more kind and brave.

  4. I have achieved speaking more clearly .
    I have achieved speaking more confidently.
    I have achieved understanding more about growth mindset and fixed mindset.
    My act of kindness was I said good morning to a teacher.
    I can improve by listening more to my partner.

  5. I have achieved talking more confidently.
    It was really fun with the new teacher.
    I have achieved improving my handwriting.

    I can improve tomorrow by talking with my partner more.

  6. 3 achievements that I have gotten through the last 3 day is

    1.The first achievement is I got my 13 tooth out.
    2.making a mindful poster
    3.learning my 16 time table.

  7. Please share three achievements you have achieved?
    1. I learnt how to cook a new dish from my mom.
    2. I did good in my arithmetic test.
    3. I learnt a new stroke in swimmers.

  8. Three achievements I have achieved in the last 2 days:
    I have learnt something in origami.
    I learnt how to ride my bike in public areas.
    I learnt how to make pizza dough.
    1 act of kindness I have done was to reply to teachers in the morning when I came in school.
    I can improve tommorrow by doing an hour of excercise to keep myself healthy.

  9. The 3 achievements I have achieved in the last 2 days are :
    *Teaching my baby brother how to draw circles.
    *Teaching Hudayifah how to code.
    *Making the Ethiopian dish.

  10. 1) My act of kindness is helping friends and family.
    2) making my friends laugh,helping my brother and looking after my siblings
    3) Trying my best in my work and helping others.

  11. A great video, Mrs Sharma! I really enjoyed yesterday with you all, 6 Red. I learnt so much and will definitely be using the journalling to improve my day! I look forward to seeing your comments on here.

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