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6 Red- Mindset Day 3

Today, 6 Red continued with their mindset workshop and focused on Social Media and Self Care. Firstly, we looked at different aspects of social media. Moving on, in depth we discussed the quote ” We are comparing our behind the scenes to someone else’s highlight’s reel!” We learnt that the only comparison that matters is how I have improved. Then we acted out a role play to give a bad and good advice to a friend who is having confidence challenges. We played a game and role played to give advice on online safety. As a class we discussed what overwhelm might be, how it might occur and how to deal with it. We ended our day by understanding how to use self -care to deal with stress and overwhelm.


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  1. My favourite part of the day is when we looked at the aspects of social media and what can be the dangers of it . We learnt that you should always be safe on social media and don’t copy others who either are richer or prettier as they either have done plastic surgery or photoshopped themselves . You are beautiful just the way you are .