6 Red – Monday 1st June

Good morning Six Red!!!!!!! Welcome to summer term 2 ! The sun has been shining and I don’t know about you but I am ready for action! I hope you all had a lovely break and enjoyed being with your loved ones. This is your final term before you guys leave primary school and start your new chapter in education : secondary school! So let’s make this term count, continue to gain /learn so that you can feel confident that you are ready to face the new challenges that lie ahead. You must all complete the three learning blogs, some of you will have additional work set on the green/ yellow/ aqua group blogs ( set once a week ). Each and every one of you has made so much progress this year in learning, please please continue to challenge yourself and push your learning. Come on Six Red you’ve got this !

During the past few months many people across the world have faced “hardship” as they were unable to go to work and earn a living for themselves and their families. When I was little my parents would encourage me to save my pocket money rather than spend it all at once. When I first started working part time my mum said “ always make sure you have money put aside just in case there was an emergency, you never know what’s around the corner and how your circumstances any change”. Now that I am a parent I find myself giving this advice to my children too. The purpose of the having pocket money is to teach a child a habit of saving and understanding the economy better. However, children may prefer to look at their pocket money as a temporary gift and spend it in ways of their choosing. So my question to you all is:

Should you save your pocket money or spend it all?

Are there any advantages or disadvantages of saving your money ?


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  1. In my opinion, i think you should save your pocket money as wasting isn’t good and then when it comes to buying something that is compulsory for life, you won’t be able to get it. Buying unnecessary things Is a total waste of money. You should only spend what is important to you and none other.
    If you spend all of your pocket money on Decorations for your home, And you have no left over money for food, You wouldn’t be able to survive As decorations is only for looks and has nothing to do with health and well-being. However, Food can help you survive as it will prevent starvation.
    If you think anything would help you in life, save up for it, then you can buy it, but anything that is useless, don’t waste and save up money for the future.
    Therefore, i think saving money is better than spending all of it at once.

  2. I’m thinking that saving something you wanted to achieve all you want. So, to my opinion you maybe need to save to get what you always wanted.

  3. Should you save your pocket money or spend it all?
    To me personally I think that you should save your pocket money.
    If you want to spend your money just spend it when it is necessary 😉.

  4. In my opinion I think you should save your pocket money. This is because if you spend it regularly you will not have any money left. When you save money you can buy something bigger and better. Saving money is a life skill and teaches you the value of money. You shouldn’t waste your money on stuff you don’t need. Therefore you should save your money.

      • Very well thanks. It was alright but my brother was going to have his first holiday last week but now we can’t. My trip was to Canada since my first holiday was to Canada.

  5. You should save your pocket money so you can make smart investments to earn even more but if your not looking for investments and want to buy items you should still save your money.
    This is because if you had spent it all on one item that lasts temporary and want another item you would not be able to afford it as you have already spent your savings. You should not spend money on new clothes and cosmetic items, I would invest.

    • Hi Mahamad, how was your break?

      Yes that’s a fantastic idea Mahamad! You just need to research carefully before committing to an investment as sometimes you may lose some or all of your money.

  6. I think that you should save your pocket money because if you see something you like but you dont have any money because you have spent it all and you ask your parents to buy it they may buy it and not have enough money to get something that is more important like food for example. Whereas if you save your money then you can buy things that are useful to all the family and something that everyone can use, or you could even use it to help out your parents . If you are a family in povity and you get like 20p every 2 days if you save it then if your parents dont have enough money to buy like fruit or even like a hover or something then you could give them the money

    • Hi Leona, it’s great to hear from you!

      Can you please make sure you are using punctuation correctly. Your first sentence is too long , there are too many conjunctions used in that sentence. I love that you have thought about your family and how you would share your money with them.

  7. I think we have to save our pocket money because when we need money so we can have it. If we don’t save our pocket money so when we need we don’t have it. We don’t have to buy any unusual things and we have to learn that the is not a fun we don’t have to vast our pocket money. When we used more money it is disadvantage and when we used money for important things it is advantage.

    • Hello Shree, how was your half term break ? I hope you had a lovely holiday.

      Shree always re-read your work to check for spelling errors and missing punctuation. You have spelled “waste” incorrectly (vast) please check your work and add in the missing punctuation.

  8. Good morning (or afternoon depending on when I am writing this) How was your holiday? (mine was really boring).
    I do not get a set amount every day or week so I cannot relate to most people.I think that people should be able to spend their money whenever they want,however they want on whatever they want.If you save your money for something the price may fluctuate causing you to have and insufficient amount of money.If someone wants to buy something they should be quick as it could be sold out.However, children should be taught good habits so that they do not waste money and end up on the streets.Saving money is on of them.If the rent goes up and you dont have the money saved to pay for it you will end up broke and on the streets.

    • Good afternoon Umar. Yes I had lovely break, thank you. Well I hope now that we are “back at school” so to speak, you will not be bored!

      Yes I agree with your response Umar that children should be taught the value of saving. It’s a great skill to learn which everyone requires as they get older.

  9. I think you should save it because even though you really want to spend it,the more you spend the less money you are going to have. But it depends on your opinion if you want to or not. The advantages are that you learn how to spend it carefully bit by bit.

  10. Good morning Miss Kaur, how are you today?
    Should you save your pocket money or spend it all?
    I believe that you should save your money but not use it all in one go and I also believe that you should use your money wisely. I believe this because if you use all of your money in one go then if for example you need to pay the bills then you will not be able to. Additionally, you should spend your money wisely because ifs you get something that you want, however do not need then there will be n o use for it and it will be a waste of money and you could have spent your money on something useful. To conclude, I believe that you should save your money but not use it all in one go and I also believe that you should use your money wisely.
    Are there any advantages or disadvantages of saving your money?
    – If you save your money then when you retire you will not have to worry about bills as you will have your savings to help yourself.
    – If you get let go from your job then your savings can help you to manage with your bills and mortgages.
    – If you are in an emergency such as if ‘you can’t pay we will take it away’ show comes to your house then you will be able to pay.
    Sometimes if someone has a lot of money then they use it for granted as in they may use thinking that they do not need to worry and then they may run out of money. This is not always the case.

    • Wow Safa, I can tell you had a relaxing break because your really alert and full of enthusiasm! I love it ! Yes I agree with your comments especially about situations that may happen which you never planned for and you may need access to money to help you overcome these obstacles. 👍🏼

  11. It depends on what you want to do if you want to keep and save it you can do that but if you see something and want to get it you can spend all of it.

    • Good morning Mustafa, how was your break?

      Mustafa can you go back and read your response. You need to add in punctuation at the correct places. Please re-write your response clearly.

      • I think you should save it because if you want something you have to think what you really need and not what you want.e.g you owe some money to someone you have to save it and pay the money.

    • I think you should save your money because if you forgot to pay some debt or buy something you really wnat from the first look. Therefore, I prefer to save your money.

    • Good morning Sunnaf! How was your half term break ?

      Just like Mrs Janjua said your response isn’t very clear. Please re- write your response clearly and check your spellings. 👍🏼

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