6 Red-Mutual Respect!

6 Red have been thinking about mutual respect and how although we may not always agree with other people, we should show respect for their thoughts and feelings. Remember we can give respect to others and we can expect other people to show us respect. 

How can you encourage Mutual Respect and Tolerance?

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  1. Picture 1) I would say this is racist because in the olden days there were 2 sides, one side was where white people were and the other side was where black people were.
    Picture 2) I would say this is a nice picture because after the bombing the black and white people were helping each other instead of fighting or killing.

  2. Mutual respect:
    We could encourage mutual respect by people are saying unkind comments and go and explain to them that it hurts the other peoples feelings.
    We could encourage tolerance if someone has a different idea to you should not be rude you could ask them nicely what they are doing

  3. If I saw a place where people with white skin were treated better than coloured people I would stand up and say “ This is wrong people with coloured skin should be treated with mutual respect ( Respect for everyone even if you don’t agree with anyone ) because you should have tolerance ( giving a second chance ) because coulered people have a heart and feelings and that be feeling sad and depressed.

  4. We act broadheath show Mutual Respect and Tolerance to everyone.we are kind and considerate as we don’t want to hurt people’s feelings.
    Being meen to others will make them feel sad.There for we need to be kind to echethers.

  5. A way you can be tolerance is by helping people with any skin colour and help them if they get a broken bone or if they hurt themselves also you should treat everyone equally with mutual respect.

  6. If I saw someone being bullied because of there colour or if they had something wrong with them like if they were in a car crash, I would say to them how would you feel if you were in that car to. I don’t agree with bullying because if the people that are bullying them over and over again because soon they might not think that schools is a safe place.

  7. If someone was bullied for the colour of their skin I would go up to the bully and tell them to stop.There is nothing wrong with having dark skin.It matters how we behave and we are all the same and we should show mutual respect and tolerance to each other.
    Tolerance:Tolerance means accepting other people’s race,religion,culture and beliefs.
    Mutual Respect:Mutual Respect means to respect each other’s opinions even if you don’t agree with it.

  8. If I saw someone being disrespected by another person because of their skin colour I would stand up for them and say it’s not nice to be mean and disrespectful to other people’s skin colour,belief or religion because we are all a community that shows mutual respect,tolerance and not only that but diversity

  9. I can show mutal respect and tolerance by helping others. Saying nice things about them, being kind and not being rude. Tolerance is appropriate because we live in diversity society and we’re all the same.

  10. If I saw someone making fun of someone’s race I would go up to them and tell then it does not matter what your race is.I would also tell them that all that matters is to care for each other.To encorouge people to show Mutual Respect and Tolerance we can spread kindness.

  11. I will encourage mutual respect and tolerance by showing more of it and showing that it is good and it is important to respect other people. If I saw segregation again in any other future years, I would try and spread more love around the world so that the world doesn’t become cruel. Mutual respect is not only respect in one way but for both people. Tolerance is not necessarily just agreeing, it’s letting people have a say and an opinion in a subject even if you don’t agree with them.

  12. If is saw somebody bullying somebody because of their colour skin I will tell a grow; up and they will teach them Mutal a respect Mutal Respect is when two people respect each other what their feelings and opionions because everybody is the same. Tolerance is when you be kind to each other and accept each other religion.

  13. We can all show mutual respect by respecting every one for who they are and what they like even if you don’t like it.you can also show respect by listening to others and not shouting at then for making a mistake as everyone makes mistakes.

  14. If I saw a man and women having a fight over race I would go up to them and say not to fight because we are all the same on the inside. Mutual respect is about treating people respectfully. I don’t agree with this because it can make people feel upset and lonely.

  15. If saw a child picking on another child I would go up to them and say it doesn’t matter which colour,religion and culture.Because we’re all the same because we are one big community in broad heath.Even if we’re darker skin or lighter skin.
    Tolerance:Tolerance means that we accept people for who they are.
    Mutual respect:It means we respect each other for who we are.⭐️

  16. We can encourage people by putting up posters on the wall, we can do that by getting Year 4,5,6 to neatly draw AS A TEAM posters that we could print and place it around the school and maybe around town for people to show tolerance and mutual respect.

    Mutual Respect means to not just show respect to your friends but to everyone.
    Tolerance means to show everyone a happy smile.

  17. Scenario 1
    If someone was being mean and selfish to another person because of their race ,religion or interests I would politely tell them that they need to be more respectful.I would also ask them why and talk to them about mutual respect if the situation got out of hand I would tell a adult.If I wanted something I would ask and give it back straight after I was done.I know that mutual respect is when people respect one another and are caring and optimistic towards others no matter what.

  18. I can help someone by…

    1. Telling someone to stop bullying a coloured person by saying ”stop” and ibwould help the person who was bullying the person about mutual respect ( allways have respect and be calm)

    2. And by talking to them about tolerance which means never get angry

    And that is how to encourage mutual respect and tolerance

  19. I can help by if someone wont’ to keep my toy I wouldn’t let them keep it but I would let them play with it for a little while. I wouldn’t let them keep it because I pay for it but I will let them play with it because if I don’t let him play with it they would feel sad

  20. If I saw a bully making fun of another person because of the colour of their skin then everyone else,I would tell them to stop because If you make fun of someone they will be feeling bad and everyday they will come to school trying to be like the bully who is someone their not.We are all in the same community so we should be tolerant which is when someone is respecting other people beliefs.This is why I disagree.

    From zaynab

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