6 Red – Thursday 14th May

Good morning guys, how are we all feeling today ? I hope you are all well and keeping safe. Please remember guys at 8pm this evening to stand outside your front doors and clap for our carers! The past few months has been difficult for everyone but those working in the NHS have gone above and beyond their duty of care. The great thing about us British people is our ability to come together, support each other during the toughest of times. As a nation we are resilient and we go from strength to strength, nothing can defeat us if we don’t let it.

As soon as we are born we are looked after by our parents/carers. They too often go above and beyond in their duty of care. I remember my own mother saying the following to me : “you will understand when you become a mother yourself.” during a time when we were having a disagreement. Sure enough as my children have become older I realise that parents/carers do so much for their children from the day they are born.I would like you to consider the following question:

What is important about parents or carers?

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  1. Their responsibility is that they look after us properly. They also should know what is good for us and what is bad for us. But the most important thing is that they give love to their children and give them a chance to do everything. My parents are very loving and they give me full attention. Many parents or carers are very loving and they want there child to stay like a child and don’t want them to grow up. My conclusion is that parents/carers need to have love for their children and look after them properly.

  2. Without parents, you wouldn’t have been in this world. Parents have raised you no one else would. When you have grown up, you should care for them and do stuff they would like. They would be old and do many things. Care for your parents as they have cared for you, and also , keep them in your hearts when they have left this world.

  3. It is important for parents/carers that they take care of their children and tell them and teach them what the right thing to do is in different situations. They motivate children learn and become a good person.

  4. Hi Miss Kaur,
    I hope you and your family are well.
    What is important about parents or carers?
    I think it is important about parents because they have brought you up and you never know eneyone who will bring you up like that.

  5. They are very important because they are like person to look up to and a person who you would aspire to be. Additionally, they are the people who look after you and tell you what right and wrong. You wouldn’t probably live if they didn’t care for you because you would die of starvation or health or metal health issues.

    • Hello Humza, yes I agree they do provide you with both materialistic objects and emotionally support. Can you give an example where parents/ carers would provide their child with emotional support?

  6. They are important because they can take care of you and teach you new things.They can also tell you what is right and what is wrong so you don’t do it next time.

  7. I am fine today thank you for asking, how are you today Miss Kaur?
    What is important about parents or carers?
    Parents and carers are important. This is because parents and carers have the responsibility to teach the younger generation and if they teach them the incorrect thing then that child will live with knowing the wrong thing. Additionally, they have the responsibility to look after their children or who they are caring for. It is their job to keep them safe and to protect them as they could become in danger on potentially get hurt badly.

    • Good morning Safa, I am very well thank you. Yes I agree with your comments, your absolutely right that parents should guide us to do the right things in our lives.

  8. The important of parents is the love 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 that know one can give us with out over parents. Parents are all ways helping use whenever we need help. Our parents are carers for us. Our parents are teaching use a good habit and so many new new things. They are also saving use from bad peoples. That’s why parents are important for use.

    • Hi Sunnaf , yes parents/carers have so much responsibility. What things can parents and carers do to help them teach their children good social skills?

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