6 Red-Thursday 7th May

Bonjour Six Red! How is everyone this Thursday ? Hope you are all well and looking forward to an extra long weekend! Please remember to join in at 8pm where the whole nation comes together to applaud our hero/ heroes for “clap for our carers.” I would like you all to take a minute and appreciate your loved ones around you and how lucky you all are to be safe and well.

This got me thinking this morning at 5am:

Does having more things make us happier?

Well when I was younger I thought by having materialistic things I would gain happiness. As I have got older and had different experiences in life my opinion has now changed. Now more than ever as we are currently in lockdown I thought this would be a great question to discuss amongst ourselves. So what are your thoughts on this ?

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  1. I think that having more stuff could make you happier because when you get bored with one thing, you can do something else. Then when you get bored with that, do something else again because you have so much stuff and it’s really hard to get bored. When you did all the things, start again from the beginning with the first you started with.

  2. Does having more things make us happier?
    No. Because if you play with your stuff everyday then you will start to get bored of it and it will just go to waste and it will be really messy which means you have to tidy your room more often.

  3. it would not make you happy because maybe you can not find the others and you get mix up.and the other reason it make you happy because it get less and less.

    • Hello Ayub, it’s lovely to hear from you! Please re-read what you have written, before posting your comments can you please make sure that your sentences make sense.

  4. No because if you have all the things in the world you will be satisfied for a few days and then it will get boring. To make things more fun you could be more creative and do more things with what you have at home e.g you could make a board game by yourself using things you have at home.

  5. Hi Miss Kaur,
    Thanks for asking I am well.How are you?
    Does having more things make us happier?
    It does make you happier because if you bring something new you like it but if keep on buying something several times you will get bored of it.

  6. I don’t think it makes us happier because we use the item and then we get bored of it which is pretty much a waste. We might not need it and then you find something new and you use the new item which leaves the old item left behind. An example is buying a FIFA game and then buying the latest one which leaves the old one behind.

  7. Hello Miss Kaur. I am fine thank you for asking, how are you today Miss Kaur.
    Does having more things make us happier?
    Having things does not make us happier. Research shows that, if you buy a new item the satisfaction will only last a few days. Additionally, if you have everything that you want then in life when you do not have everything you want it will effect your mood. You are likely to become angry and you will want your demands to be met. Also, if you have everything that you want then in life when you do not have everything you want you will become ungrateful. Therefore, I believe that having things does not make us happier.

  8. No this is because you can make fun out of anything so if you wanted monopoly and you couldn’t get it you could DIY. However, if you had just bought the monopoly you would still have the fun but not the joy of making it yourself. Therefore you don’t need have to be happy with loads of stuff.

    • Hello Humza, yes I agree with your thoughts. Fantastic point about making your own items / things it also gives you a great sense of satisfaction!

  9. Well. Hello guys. My answer to this is :
    I dont think it makes us happier because if you have to much things you wouldn’t exactly know which one to look after and it just gets messy. Having less things can have an impact. For example no house. You still have a imaginative home and god near you. No food. You will already be full. No great life. You are the life so remember. What’s happening in the world is not good. We are all unhappy.miserable and more. We need lots of food. Toilet paper lots of things. It doesn’t make us happy since we need to rush before the shops close. So therefore. When we have lots of things it might not make us feel the emotion of being happy.

  10. I think having things doesn’t make us happier because of we kept buying its of clothes or toys we are still not happy but the more you but the less money you have.

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