6 Red – Tuesday 19th May

Hi Year 6 ! How’s everyone today ? Feeling energised, motivated and ready for another fabulous day of learning! Well the sun will be shining later so let’s crack on with our learning so we can enjoy the great weather afterwards. Recently the news has been dominated by politics from across the globe. Different countries and their governments have all been in the spotlight for their method of dealing with Covid -19. We live in a democratic society where there is belief in freedom and equality between people. People are given the choice ( voting ) to choose which political party they would like to see become their government.

Earlier this year you all learnt about how the UK parliament works and how decisions are made in this country.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement, please explain your thoughts carefully:
There should be children and teenagers in governments.

11 thoughts on “6 Red – Tuesday 19th May

  1. I think that children and teenagers shouldn’t be allowed to play roles as people part of the government as they are too young, they are not the suitable age to make right and understandable decisions. They too will not understand how the country works and all of that logic. Some young people are more intelligent than some old people but how are we supposed to find out that they are smart. Young people (hence kids) might not be well-educated and might mess up how the country functions. (if they would be part of the government)

  2. I think younger people should enter parliament this is because the people that are older might not know the situations there going through and for young people to join it would help there situation. However, the young people may not have a great understanding of politics so in other scenarios they wouldn’t thrive but they might learn a lot from being in the parliament. On the other hand, to even get to the place would take up so much time and also the money that they earn is way too much for teenager unless they are homeless or in poverty. Therefore I think that the teenagers shouldn’t go to parliament.

  3. I don’t think they should be in parliament because they are not old enough to make decisions based on the whole country. Also year 6 should go back only year 6. They should send back reception because I don’t know how 4 and 5 year olds are meant to maintain social distancing.

  4. I am fine thank you for asking, how are you today?
    Do you agree or disagree with the following statement, please explain your thoughts carefully:
    There should be children and teenagers in governments.
    I believe that they should be allowed with a good enough reason. This is because if they are not going to give a mature answer then there is no point in them being in the government. However, if they have a strong point then they have the right to get their point across. Therefore, I believe that they should be allowed with a good enough reason.

    • Hi Safa, yes I agree with your thoughts. Children should have a say as they are included in our society and decisions made in the government do effect them too.

  5. Good morning I am fine How are you?
    Personally I do not think that teenagers and children should be allowed in parliament.This is because there are not at the age where they can play are part in how the country works.Some children and teenagers might be clever and have good ideas but how can we know.There are many others children and teenagers can make a difference without having to be in parliament.You can just right a letter to the local mp or directly to the Prime Minister.

    • Hi Umar, it’s lovely to hear from you. Yes I agree with you that children are not old enough to make important decisions however children can provide a virtual insight into certain things which adults may not see.

  6. Well. Casually Yes I agree but some points. No.
    Well linking my explanation towards this Corona thing. Well. The Government said he will open schools on 1st of June. Only for Primary
    Reception, Year 1, Year 6.
    I understand the Year 6 part but no the other 2. Why little children? Why can Year2 go instead of Year1. My brother from Year 2 needs ALOT of help so my opinion is Year2 should go. That’s my opinion. It’s ok if no teachers agree but that’s fine.
    Other points saying Imagree is because when he explains normal stuff. Votes. And more. I participate meaning in I agree with the term he’s saying.

    I hope I don’t get told of.

    • Good morning Yosif, the decision about which children are to return to school first is something the government has decided. I am sure they have their reasons for making this decision and they would have spend lots of time discussing this with the medical and scientific advisors. Please don’t dwell on this as everyone is working together to get the best possible outcome.

      Now Yosif can you please re-read the question carefully and try to explain your thoughts.

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