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6 Red have produced some excellent writing recently. I have been very proud with the work they have produced. The quality has been excellent and writing at length has improved massively.

Have a listen to some of our writing and see what you think.


Well done to many children who have improved their handwriting and presentation! I can mention many people but a big well done to Monalisa, Haris, Gautam, Baldeep, Gabi, Jay, Anna and Zade!



What do you think makes a good piece of writing and why? Looking forward to your responses.

27 thoughts on “6 Red writing

  1. Well done to everyone for their writing,we all have worked hard and we have used a range of punctuation including semi colons and colons and figurative launguage.

  2. Well done to everyone. I think correct punctuation and good vocabulary make a fantastic piece of writing and you all have used this.

  3. I used my reading to influence my writing (NO I didn’t plagiarise popular books if you’re asking). One of my biggest influences was JK Rowling’s Harry Potter trilogy.πŸ“•πŸ“—πŸ“˜πŸ“™

  4. Well done to everybody-your pieces of writing are great.
    I think what makes a fantastic piece of writing is that it needs to include creativity, a wide range of descriptive language and a good range of sentence openers to make your writing more effective.
    Also, thank you to the teachers who have helped and supported us throughout.
    By Zaid and Olivia !

  5. I think to create a good piece of writing you will need: grammar,figrative language and great clause structures.Thank you to all the teachers for helping us learn and create our own revolting recipes.

  6. All the work was breathtaking. Well done to everyone who shared there work and has improved there handwriting. I’m sure we have all gone above the year 6 standard.

  7. Well done everyone! Fantastic pieces of writing. I think a good piece of writing is made with creativity and a wide range of vocabulary.

  8. I think what makes good piece of writing is that it needs to include creativity and be adventurous to read because this is what it makes interesting and the reader read on.

  9. Well done to everyone as we all did well writing using all of our writing standards.I would also like to say a big thank you to all the teachers for helping us.

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