6 Red’s “Marvellous Mustafa”!

Well done to Mustafa for showing a consistently fantastic attitude to his learning – completing all tasks set and to a high standard too! What a great role model!

Who will it be next week? Come on 6 Red! Let’s have every one of you responding to every blog and completing all activities next week! Have a great weekend!

29 thoughts on “6 Red’s “Marvellous Mustafa”!

  1. Aww Well done Mustafa. You actually deserve that. Everybody does. I’m hoping I will be next but who knows. I probably won’t be on because of my attitudes but I’m so proud of you well done.

  2. Congratulations Mustafa!! We have noticed that once we give you feedback on your work, you do respond with your improved answer. So well done and keep it up ! 👍🏼

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