6 Red’s Star Learner!

Well done to Humza H for showing a consistently fantastic attitude to his learning – completing all task set and to a high standard too! What a great role model!

Who will it be next week? Come on 6 Red! Let’s have every one of you responding to every blog and completing all activities next week! Have a great weekend!

34 thoughts on “6 Red’s Star Learner!

    • Oh hey Humzah. How are you. I never see you for a reason. I hope your ok. By the way. I’ve been looking after your game you made. “Gear testing”. I have admin? Well I have taken care of it and people keep spamming I should give them admin but I kick them. I hope your safe.

  1. Well done Humza. By the way teachers. Ibrahim is my little brother. I accidentally didn’t realise I was on his account so I typed that.

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