15 thoughts on “6 Red’s weekly Library visit

  1. I got the book ‘Exploring Eclipses’ where you learn about eclipses and how to see one. I learned so many things in this non fiction book like a solar eclipse occurs when the moon goes in front of the sun during the moon’s orbit around the earth and a lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth blocks sunlight from reaching the moon which blocks the moon, making it turn red in colour. Eclipses was often seen as a bad omen because the lunar eclipse was red which was seen as evil and when King Henry I died, a solar eclipse happened. The king’s death seemed like a clear sign that eclipses meant danger.

  2. My book I chose this week was I am not a label because I can learn about different people that have disabilities and what amazing achievements that they made.

  3. My book called Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall & other nursery rhymes because every time I’m getting all time time books just for my self but the Humpty Dumpty I got for my brother who is 1 yrs and 6 months old

  4. I picked the book World War II Propaganda. In the book, I have learned the two words : demoralise and disseminated. I enjoyed reading the book as it was interesting.

  5. I picked a Child’s German Life in Nazi Germany, I enjoy this library book as I get to learn about old experiences and what happened during that time period.

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