6 White – English Character analysis 19.05.20

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Today, your task is to read two character descriptions and explain why the author has chosen particular language.

Activity 1:

Read the below text.

1 – Write down any powerful adjectives and adverbs used.

2 – Write and explain how the writer shows not tells how the character is feeling.

3 – Write and explain the impact of any personification the writer has used.

Activity 2 :

1 – Write down any metaphors in the text.

2 – Write down any personification that has been used.

3 – What powerful adjectives are being used.

4 – Is there any alliteration that has been used?

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  1. Activity 1:List any adjectives
    How does the Author use shown-not-tell?
    They do not say:
    Tara is happy,sad,angry,sacred.
    This is because when the character’s emotion is easily shown or told it’s not interesting,what I mean is,if in the story or biography, the author puts in: this person is upset, oh no!: it is not getting the reader to think,:well I would like to know how they feel!: but instead:Well the image shows it,no need to explain/well the description of their emotions shows it clear, no need to illustrate their emotion..:Which could be a reason as to why and how show and tell is used.
    Describe the impact of any personification used:
    It makes the story more readable:(now not ALL interesting/readable stories have this)What I mean with this is that:when personification is used most readers could get more interesting and could make even more sense than if it is not used.
    By Ionela

  2. Activity 1:

    1: Write down any powerful adjectives and adverbs used.
    -Emerald green
    -Nut-brown eyes.
    2: Write and explain how the writer shows not tells how the character is feeling.
    The writer showed the character’s emotions using words like sorrowful”.
    3: Write and explain the impact of any personification the writer has used.
    The impact of the personification in this text is it makes the text more emotional, “nut-brown eyes continued to linger”. That means she was upset about something.

  3. Activity 1:
    1. Adjectives Used:
    Beautiful Vivid Jaunty Red Green Emerald Several Gold Sorrowful Nut-Brown
    Adverbs Used:
    Timidly Swiftly
    2. The author uses show not tell to show how Tara was feeling by writing that her heart was aching as she saw the other children. It also says she “quickly retreated” when she put one foot forward. The author is not straight away telling how Tara feels, he/she is only showing how she feels by her actions. This is show not tell.
    3. The metaphor “A beautiful kaleidoscope of colour” tells us that the clothes Tara is wearing is very colourful. It is not actually a kaleidoscope. The metaphor “worried they might slip off” shows us that the earrings were really dangling on the tip of the girl’s ears.

    Activity 2:
    1. “Trenches etched on his forehead told the story of his life.” This metaphor tells us that his trenches on his forehead are a big part of his life.
    2. “He held a friend” This is personification because the book cannot be a friend as it is not living.
    3. Vibrant Semi-darkness Receding Filthy Dreary Wiry Patched Frail Feeble
    4. Worlds which Filthy fleece Shirt Stuck Frail feeble

  4. Activity 1:
    Peered Timidly
    Jaunty Red
    Sorrowful nut-brown eyes
    Emerald Green
    The personification used was ‘Her heart ached within her’ this means she is sad or emotional from the inside even though she is smiling. It is a fake smile.

  5. Activity 1:
    “Her heart ached within her”this means that that instead of crying on the outside she cries on the inside and her pain goes towards her heart.She tries to smile but its fake!
    “Brown eyes”
    Activity 2
    Trenches etched on his forehead.
    Terry was a relick
    Terry wad evolved

  6. Activity 1)

    Peered timidly
    Jaunty red
    Emerald green
    Ached within her

    Several gold earrings clung
    Sorrowful nut-brown eyes
    Linger on the horde of children

    The writer has used personification by using the quote “ Her heart ached within her”
    The writer used this quote to tell us that the girl doesn’t like what she is seeing or what Is happening.

  7. Activity 1:
    1) Timidly
    2) “Her heart ached within her.” It looks like her eyes are shining because she is sad and doesn’t want to let her tears out. Her smile looks more emotional than sad.
    3) “Nut-brown eyes.”

    Activity 2
    1) “trenches etched on his forehead.”
    “Terry was a relic.”
    “Terry was enveloped.”
    2) Terry was a relic
    Frail feeble man
    4) worlds which
    Told the
    Body bent
    Filthy fleece
    Shirt stuck
    Hands he held
    He himself
    Frail feeble
    An adventure
    Off on

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