6 White Fiver Challenge

Hi Everyone,

As you know, the year 6s have been challenged to start a business with only £5! 

They have created ideas, done market research and compiled a business plan.

Tomorrow, they officially open for business!! 

We will be selling a range of things such as:

  • ice creams

  • donuts

  • bracelets

  • ninja stars 

  • sweets 

  • ice-blasters 


Prices start between 15p and range up to £1

Don’t forget your pocket money- we will be outside year 6 (or in the spare year 6 classroom if the weather isn’t kind to us!) See you at break and lunch time!

Year 6 

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  1. Can’t wait for it!!!!!!💍💄👗👓💕💝💙💗💖💟👍👌💪👐✋👏✌👋👊💁🙋🙆👶👼👰👱😘😍😊

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