6 White- Mindset Day 1

We were visited today by Jenna, who will be working with us over a period of 4 days, to help us understand

It is important to recognise what our own beliefs are about our own potential. If we have a ceiling on what we believe we can achieve… are they the truth, or is it something our minds, society or others are telling us is our limit of success.

Session 1 What are self limiting beliefs?

We started the day by having a discussion about what self- limiting beliefs are. We wrote down our thoughts and presented them on a group board.

Session 2 The power of focus

Understanding that what we focus upon we will find more of! So why dont’t we focus on potential, possibility and positive role models? If you focus on it, you will discover more positivity.

Session 3 Goal setting minus self-limiting beliefs.

We looked at creating smart goals. Goals for 1 year, end of secondary school and a life goal. This consisted of steps towards the goal as well as creating a vision board.

Take a look at what we have achieved today.

Our goals.

How has today’s learning helped you?

17 thoughts on “6 White- Mindset Day 1

  1. Today’s lesson taught me how you do something even when you are struggling you just have to keep trying and that’s how you get from positive to negative .

  2. This lesson helped us by giving us a growth mindset because fixed Mindset is people that give up and only do what they already know but a growth mindset is when you always try and you don’t care if you get it wrong you’ll give on trying

    Today’s lesson. Teacher us not to have a fixed mindset

  3. Today’s learning helped me with mindsets. I have learned what the difference is between growth and fixed mindset. A fixed mindset is when you thinks of negative things whereas growth mindset is the opposite. A growth mindset is when you thing of positive things

  4. Today’s learning taught me about self limiting beliefs.
    Self-limiting beliefs are assumptions or perceptions that you’ve got about yourself and about the way the world works. These assumptions are “self-limiting” because in some way they’re holding you back from achieving what you are capable of.

  5. Todays lesson has helped me because if i believe i cant do art because im bad,that would be a self limiting belief.However if i say i cant go to university because im not clever,that would not be a self limiting because i can study to become smarter to go to university.

  6. Yesterday’s work tought me that you should have a growth mindset and refrain from a fixed mindset as you should always strive to expand knowledge . I also learnt a fixed mindset means :
    People who see their qualities as fixed traits that cannot change.
    A growth mindset means :
    Growth mindset is the idea that, with effort, it’s possible to increase intelligence levels, talents, and abilities.

  7. Today’s mindset has helped me by writing my my goals to achieve them when I am older this is going to influence me to teach my goals it will make people happy if they achieve they’re goal this will make people try harder.

  8. Today learning has helped me as I know what a Fixed and Growth mindset. People with growth mindset tend to see challenges as a oppurtonity while people with fixed mindset are the opposite but you could always change to growth mindset if you have fixed mindset.

  9. Yesterday’s learning helped us think about are goals and the mindset we need to achieve them . This mindset is the growth mindset it helps us take on challenges and go above in everything we do , also it helps us defeat self – limiting beliefs.

  10. How has today’s learning helped you?
    Today’s learning has helped me as I have been thought to focus on the positive things and not the negative things in life , because if you focus on the negative things you will have a negative day but if you focus on th positive things then you will have a positive day.

  11. Today’s Learning Helped?
    Today’s learning helped me by learning about what self limiting beliefs are
    And what our end of primary,secondary and long range goals are.

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