6 White Mini Golf News Reports!

Today 6 White had a special treat as part of our English work – the children got to try out the new mini golf course! This was to help them with their news report writing. We have been working on using journalistic vocabulary and suitable quotations within our work, as well as thinking about shifts in formality. 

Here is a great example of a news report – what quotations can you spot? What journalistic language can you hear? Give an example of formal language and one of informal language from the report. 

Breaking News – New Mini Golf!

11 thoughts on “6 White Mini Golf News Reports!

  1. One piece of quotation I can spot is,
    “I really like the wonderful golf course in Broad heath primary school.”

    One piece of journalistic language I can spot is,
    “further investigation proves”

    One piece of Formal language I can spot is,
    “Yesterday morning, our kind headteacher, Mrs. Frankish, let us use the crazy golf course.”

    One piece of Informal language I can spot is,
    “It’s not fair!”

    By Pranay

  2. The quotations I can spot is
    “The brand new mini golf course Is amazing we thank mrs Frankish vey much “
    I’m not vey happy with this golf course because now we can’t play any football “
    These are quotations from the video above

    This are examples of journalistic vocabulary
    Yesterday it was reported that a brand new golf course was opened
    Here is our assistant

  3. 1)”I really like the wonderful golf course in Broadheath.”

    2)further investigation proves

    “Yesterday the golf course was opened.”

    “I really like”

  4. Journalistic language
    They said as you can see
    And yesterday morning

    The only quotation there is in this video
    is Ahmed’s part.And menahl’s part.

    Informal language
    She’s and more

  5. They are using words like for example and even though which is a great word for comparing things.Also they have lots of opinions of what they think and what other people think and it is kind of persuasive because they are saying “come it’s the best” and the thing I like the best is that they are using lots of facts and figures for the person who’s watching could make there own opinion of what they think of the fantastic broad heath NEW GOLF 🏌️‍♀️ COURSE. BY YUSSUF

  6. They have used different language and there are informal language like it is the best were as there wasn’t as many formal language .

  7. When the ex pupil say I Iike it even though I have left the school but the other one say miss Frankish did not provide me with this and now I can’t play on it.

  8. In Autumn 2, the after school golf club opportunities will be extended to Year 6. You also will have a chance to play it next week, as your behaviour has been excellent. This means every pupil will have used it in 6W.

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