9 thoughts on “6 White Tesco

  1. I have learnt:you can identify fish by looking at their scales and that fresh salmon smells like cucumber.I also learnt that is a fish’s gill is pink/red it is fresh but if it is not fresh its gills are brown.

  2. I learn’t alot today for examples:to make dough you need to combine flour,yeast,sugar,salt and water,I also learn’t that mouldy cheese is also injected which contains good bacteria so the mould that we eat is good.Fish are named as brain food because fish is good for the brain to help us think more.Mollusc are also alive and to keep them alive you need to spray it with water so when the shell is closed(also known as mollusc)will be asleep and some of them need lots and lots of water because the might not be getting inuff of it.

  3. I learnt how they make bread and baguettes in the Bakery and I felt how cold the freezer was in the back.
    Thank you to Mr Tesco who took us around Tesco for a tour.

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