6 White: Tuesday 23/2: English

Good Morning Year 6

Start by watching the video for a full run down of today’s work.


Task 1: Read the prologue below and think about how it describes the house.

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Main task: either choose Jemisons or start from bronze and work your way through the rest.

Hand your work in here:


20 thoughts on “6 White: Tuesday 23/2: English

  1. Silver:

    Figurative language is a language that uses words and ideas to suggest meaning and create mental images.

    The length of a noun phrase has been shown to influence choices.

    Wow words are advanced adjectives, verbs and adverbs which are used to improve a piece of writing by making it vivid and interesting.

  2. Figurative language is important as it explains what people are saying in each text.
    Expanded noun phrases are important as they add more effect to the learning and better language.
    Wow vocabulary is good as you are learning good vocabulary in our work.
    Expanded noun phrase= Dark, wooden house
    Wow vocabulary= Massive

    • Thank you Saifullah. Please take care with your handwriting. Good work you have found lots of features. How does an expanded noun phrase impact the reader?

    • Thank you for your work Riqbah. What impact does figurative language have on the reader? Mathletics should work on a laptop, please try again then let us know so we can look into it.

  3. figurative language: ‘ it looms in the dark like an ominous giant ‘ first this phrase , makes an impact because as it looms it gives the idea that it stands and towers therefore giving us the impression of it being scary , haunting even . plus nobody wants to see that on a family camping trip …do they !?!?!!

    • Thank you for your work Callum. You have listed some vocabulary however you have not said what features they are or how they impact the reader. Please complete.

      • Examples
        Sleepy Crowded Village Means That It’s Very Slow And Exhausting
        Massive Clawed Feet Means That Its Describing the feet
        Leathery Powerful Legs means it’s describing the legs
        Red Blazing Fire Means That It’s Describing How Hot Or Bright The Fire is
        Spooky Sentient Skulls They Are Meaning That They Are Scary

    • Thank you for your work Sabirin. Well done. Please find me an expanded noun phrase from the text and tell me what effect it has on the story reader.

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