6 White Volcano News Reports!

Today in 6 White, we created verbal news reports following our trip to the cinema to see Jurassic World. We focused on the point in the film where the volcano is erupting and the island has to be evacuated. 

Here are a few fantastic examples from today:

What great language examples can you spot?
What are you going to use tomorrow in your writing?

7 thoughts on “6 White Volcano News Reports!

  1. I can spot formal language but when your writing a news report,it’s more formal.
    I’m going to include:
    *Journalistic language
    *Chronological order
    * facts and figures
    * Quotations

  2. I spotted that they used a mixture if formal and informal language . Also they used different tones and expressions to show that there is danger around them . I am going to use a mixture of formal and informal writing to make my news report good . I also really enjoyed the movie

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