6 White- Working in a Winter Wonderland

Everyone woke up this morning to a blanket of snow covering the ground.

Today in English we started a new writing unit: Winter Sonnets. So we took this great opportunity to go outside in this perfect winter weather to inspire us in our writing.

What new vocabulary have you used today?
Write your best figurative language phrases on the blog below.

19 thoughts on “6 White- Working in a Winter Wonderland

  1. I enjoyed this unit because we played in the snow (although Absi pushed me in snow!) besides that, some of the vocabulary I’ve learnt are:
    The snow covered the ground like a cozy blanket
    The frost on the window are like crystal tingling.
    There were a herd of elephants dancing in the snow.

  2. I had a lot of fun in this lesson and learned a lot of vocab for snow and our unit. I had sentences like:
    shadows leaving footsteps as you walk.
    children playing in coldly white snow.
    Children stepping in white snow making their legs go deep.

  3. Simlie:
    The glistening frost had covered the trees like lace.
    The bare trees only had white hair all over them.
    The snowflakes are like diamonds in the atmosphere.

  4. The vocabulary I have used in this lesson are:icicles,snow,fuelling,invading,blanket,frosty,icey etc.One of my best figurative language phrases was ‘like a herd of elephants invading every inch of snow they could see!’

  5. The new vocabulary I have used today was, sonnet!
    ‘Ice sugars screeching under my feet as I walk along’
    ‘Laughter spread across the pitch’
    ‘Wind was whistling softly as the snow was sprinkling’

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