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6 White’s day in court!

Today 6 White had a fantastic visit from some local magistrates. We learned all about the British legal system, discussed suitable sentences for crimes and thought about the age of responsibility. Most exciting of all however, was our trial of Jamie West (played excellently by Hassan), who was accused of stealing a Nintendo DS from Charlie Housemove. Here are some of the photos from the trial:


6 White in the courtroom                                           Court reporters ready for important details


Witnesses ready to be called to the stand.                Prosecutor Alisha examining a witness.


Defence Lawyer Maleeha fights back…                     But in the end, the verdict came – GUILTY!

It was such a fantastic morning and you all worked superbly throughout.

Did you enjoy the morning?

What was your favourite part?

20 thoughts on “6 White’s day in court!

  1. I did enjoy the morning and the best part was when the two men where telling information. I found that interesting and he gave lots of facts which I found interesting and learned lots of facts. I did not now all this but I only new a bit and I was curious but now I now.

  2. I enjoyed this morning!My favourite part was everything.We had an experience about how it would in a court room and taking notes about the scene of the crime as a newspaper journalist.Also when found out about the different punishments for being guilty committing the crime and the past punishment in the past.We also found out about the different courts one with the magistrates and the one with the judge.We also had different roles in the play so some of us didn’t just watch the play.One instresting fact is at the age of 10 you could be in trouble and go to court and could be sent to youth dentention centre it’s basically jail for kids.Another fact instresting fact is when your is age 14 you can go to court and see what’s happening.


  3. It was the best day. I was the police officer Jas Singh. It was a good day in court. Thank you to the teachers who let us have this opportunity. We learnt lots of things and at the age of ten and over you can go to child court but they do be a bit kind there but the adult courts are more strict. I know that there are three magistrates in a court so the decision would be equal like two would choose for one of them and the other one would choose the other person. The highest court is The Crown Court. THANK YOU. =)

  4. I enjoyed was a good feeling meeting majistrits and finding out what they do and what happens in court.My favourite part was when we were learning about what the punishments were and when they told us about when they put a tag on someone with a fake leg

  5. I really enjoyed it . Thank you to all the teachers for putting all there hard work in our learning . My favourite part was when we were acting it out it was really fun and we learnt a lot about punishments and what people do when they are in court .
    The 2 magistrates were really nice and taught us a lot .

  6. The day in court was very fun we got to experience the different meaning of court
    and who works in it. The two magistrates were very nice and let us act out a scene of court.

  7. I liked it because it was really fun and we Learned the different punishments for committing a crime and it was really funny when the magistrates told us a man with a tag on his fake leg took the leg of.

  8. It was amazing.Hassan or shall we say Jamie west was acting like he is actually never robbed it by at the end he was the he was guilty and his punishment was that tag which didn’t let you go out in some hours. When we were asked how did the man get out we were surprised fo the answer he had a fake foot we got surprised 😳 so much .

  9. We learnt a lot about the ligal stuff and the iligal stuff like your not allowed to ride your bike in city centre or skateboard and we learnt about the different courts like a youth court and youth detention centre.I really liked the play that we done it was called trials and we talked about the painful sentences there were things like tagging ,cleaning the environment and put the person in jail.

  10. It was so fun because we learned lots about being a magistrate and what it was like in court we played lots of different people and how it works . Also lots of people can be there and there are 3 magistrates .if you are a youth you might go to a
    Youth detention centre or you might go to a youth court .there are 3 magistrates because it’s a odd number so it can get 2 to 1 opinion into if there guilty or all of them might have the same opinion . We also learned all the laws and how there
    Broken . We learnt about anti social behaviour e.g. Skateboarding and
    BMX in city centre .also we later learned what might happen to you after court like
    Getting a criminal record if you get a record you might get that many jobs like being a teacher .also after court you might get a tag you cannot get out of your house for a amount of time .

  11. It was a great morning and we all learnt about rules,punishments,who is in the court,lawyers and lots more things.The best part was all the acting .It was really funny,serious,and interesting speeches.I really enjoyed it.It was soo interesting with all the lawyers,witness,victim,police,old lady and the person who stole it (who was found GUILTY…).

  12. I enjoyed this morning! It was fascinating to here about the man who had a tagger on a fake leg. It was enjoyable doing the pictures sequening as we learnt more about vandilisam. However my favouriate bit has to be in the court room! Arguing/having a debate with the prosecuter Alisha (WHO I ACTUALLY AGREED WITH) was fun because when Edna, actually Safa but older version , everybody ended up laughing when she siad “speak up a little, I’m a little death”. It was a great experiance fun, memorable and enjoyable.


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