6 White’s Negative Numbers

This week in 6 white, we have been learning to calculate a number of problems involving negative numbers. Please check out some of our resources in the video and see how we use concrete maths resources to further our understanding of number/calculation.

How have the resources helped your learning this week?

What specifically have you learned to calculate this week?

5 thoughts on “6 White’s Negative Numbers

  1. I have learned to caculate negative numbers . Also I I have learnt the difference between positive numbers and negative numbers . Positive numbers are numbers that are not below zero and a negative number is .( For example -2 + -4= -6 )
    Also numbers that are below zero can add or times divide and take away by another number .

    From Lacey

  2. The resources have helped because I cannot store all of the information in my head so it is easier to show them on the tables.

    I have learned to calculate in lots of different ways including negative numbers.

  3. The resources helped me in my learning by making me not put the numbers in my head and getting them mixed up.
    I have learnt how to add and subtract negative number and I have also learnt how to start of with a positive number then subtract them into negative numbers.

  4. The resources helped me because it was easier becausewhen I do it in my head I forget stuff but when I used the resources I didn’t forget.
    I have specifically learnt how to divide negative numbers.

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