6B 1/5 Quick Comprehension

Hi Year 6!

Task 1

This term we are going to be completing some quick ten minute reading comprehensions. Each friday I will post the text and the relevant questions; there will be around 8 questions you will need to answer! Today’s text is based on Mini- beasts, could you tell me what a mini-beast is?

Please answer the questions in full sentences in the comments below. Each comprehension should take approximately ten minutes to complete! Your teachers will be online to help you with any obstacles you face.

Task 2

Research your own mini -beast and write an informative paragraph that we could add to this text. Your paragraph should include:

  • a subheading ( can you use alliteration or sibilience like they have in the text?)
  • A variety of clause types and punctuation.
  • Subject specific vocabulary (that can be found in the text)
  • Relevant data (how many different types of wasps are there? How many venomous spiders are the in the world?

If you are feeling super crafty, create a poster and send it to us at y6upload@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk

GD- Can you use some of the following vocabulary?

Zuzanna’s beeutifully presented research about her chosen mini-beast!

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  1. Marvelous mini-beasts
    1)How many different types of spiders can be found in the world?
    30,000 spiders can be found in the world

    2) What word is used to describe being scared of spiders?

    3)List two different parts of a butterfly’s body?
    1. Six legs
    2. Has a colourful wing

    4) The word ‘unique’ tells us that butterfly wings are very pattern-able and every butterfly has its own pattern wings.

    5) Opinion or Fact?

    6) Because it is given as a diagram it can be easier for the reader to know its life and it also can show its start and its end.

    7) I think if a child had its strength the same as a ant it would easily lift the car.

  2. 1)There are 30000 other types of arachnid in the world.
    2)The word is arachnophobia.
    3)The segmented body and the four wings it uses to fly.
    4)That word is unique.
    5)opinion:Lots of mini-beasts are beauty to look at.
    Fact:Ants are very strong.
    Fact:a Butterfly’s wing is very colourful.
    6)So they can so the process of how a butterfly is made.
    7)The correct word probably.
    8)Because if a child had the strength of a ant they can lift a car.

    • Well Gerry this is Haya’s work.

      You’ve copied correctly but if you read my reply you would know Haya hasn’t completed all the questions correctly and she hasn’t finished her work.

      Why don’t you actually read the text yourself and answer the questions. You will feel better doing our own work. Thank you.

  3. Task 1
    1) There are over 30,000 species of spiders around the world.
    2)The word arachnophobia is used to describe being scared of spiders.
    3)The two different parts of a spider are;
    Six legs
    Four wings
    4)The words ‘unique’ tells the reader that the butterflies can not have the same patterns on their wings.
    5) Opinion
    6)Life cycles are easier to understand when they are in the form of a diagram.
    7)The word ‘virtually’ is closest in meaning to almost.
    8)They have compared the strength of an ant to the strength of a child because it is difficult to visualize a creature lifting 20× its weight so they have compared it to something we can relate to.

    Task 2
    Lovable Ladybirds
    There are about 5,000 different species of ladybirds in the world.They come in many different colours and patterns, but the most familiar in the UK is the seven-spot ladybird, which has a shiny, red-and-black body. Most people like ladybirds because they are pretty, graceful and harmless to humans. But farmers love them because they eat aphids and other plant-eating pests. In it’s year-long life, a single seven-spot ladybird can gobble more than 5000 aphids! The ladybird’s bright colours act as an important defence mechanism, warning animals they’d best not eat them. When threatened, the bugs create an oily, yellow fluid from joints in their legs – and their colouring acts a reminder to any peckish predators who’ve eaten their kind before that they taste disgusting!

    Ladybirds lay their eggs in clusters or rows on the underside of a leaf, usually where aphids have gathered. Larvae, which vary in shape and colour depending on the species, emerge in a few days. Larvae grow quickly and shed their skin several times. When they reach full size, they attach to a leaf by their tail, and a ‘pupa’ is formed. In only a week or two later, the pupa becomes an adult ladybug.

    A ladybird’s lifecycle has four stages: egg, larva, pupa and adult.

  4. Task 1:
    3)have six legs
    5)lots of mini beasts are beautiful to look at-opinion
    6)ants are very strong
    7)butterfly’s wings are very colourful-opinion
    8) why is the lifecycle of a butterfly given as a dimagram?
    I think it’s because it shows the reader the cycle of a butterfly.
    9)in the sentence the word virtually means Extremely.

    • I think you’ve forgotten that multiple marks need multiple answers Jessica.

      Q3 and Q5 need more answers for you to achieve the maximum marks.

      The rest of the answers are okay but would have been better as full sentences.

    • Hiya Haya,

      Thanks for having a go, did you read the whole text? There are 8 questions to answer.

      Q1) ✅
      Q2) the word “Arachnophobia” means you are afraid of spiders. (You have a ‘phobia’ of ‘arachnids’
      Q3) ✅ but please write butterflies rather than ‘it’
      Q5) opinion ✅ fact ✅ Opinion- incorrect

      Well done for attempting the task

  5. 1. There are over 30,000 species of spiders.
    2. The word which describes being scared of spiders is ‘arachnophobia’
    3. Two different parts of a butterflies body are ;
    a. There are six legs.
    b. Four wings to make up the anatomy of a butterfly.

    4. The word ‘unique’ tells the reader that a butterflies wing pattern can not be the same as any other butterfly.
    5. Opinion

    6. The life-cycle of a butterfly is set out like a diagram because it is easier to understand.
    7. Virtually is the closest meaning to extremely.
    8. It compares a ant to a child lifting a car because a child is young/small like an ant is very small. A child’s weight 20 times is close to a weight of a car. Therefore, in the text they described it as a child lifting a car and a ant lifting 20 times its body weight.

    • All correct, well done, you clearly have a good understanding of the comprehension task. Would have been great for you to complete your own research challenge to Maria. Remember you’re more than capable of going above and beyond in your learning.

  6. 1. There are 30,000 species of spiders in the world.
    2. Arachnophobia.
    3. Wings which are made of miniature scales
    . Six legs
    4. Their brightly coloured wings are made up of tiny scales, arranged in unique patterns.
    5. Lots of mini-beasts are beautiful to look at. Opinion
    Ants are very strong. Fact
    Butterflies wings are colourful. Fact.
    6. To demonstrate the life cycle in a simple format which is easy to understand.
    7. Almost.
    8. It is to emphasise how strong the ants are and to show what that would look like for a human.

  7. Task 1
    1)How many different types of spiders can be found in the world?

    2) What word is used to describe being scared of spiders?

    3)List two different parts of a butterfly’s body?
    1. They have six legs
    2.They have 4 wings.

    4)Find and copy one word which tells the reader another butterfly can’t have the same design as another butterfly.

    5)Which sentences are facts and opinions?
    Lots of mini beats are beautiful to look at.-opinion
    Ants are very strong.-fact
    Butterflies ‘ wings are very colourful-opinion

    6)Why is the life cycle of a butterfly given as a diagram?
    I think this is because it shows the reader visually the continuous cycle of a butterfly.As well as this it is showing a full circle, how it starts,ends and restarts.

    7)In the sentence the word virtually is in closest in means to…

    8)Why do you think they have compared an and to a child lifting a car?
    I think this is because when we visualise an and lifting 20x more than itself it can be hard therefore they use the comparison ‘a child lifting a car’ because it becomes easier to visualise how strong ants are.

    • Brilliant comprehension skills of the text and brilliant independent research shown in your work above! Well done Zuzanna, your attitude to learning reflects your passion and love for learning. You have a strong sense of discipline and this will allow you to go very far in life and achieve whatever you set your mind on! SUPER SIX BLUE ROLEMODEL!

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