6B 15/5 – Quick comprehension wk 3

Hi Year 6!

This term we are going to be completing some quick ten minute reading comprehensions. Each friday I will post the text and the relevant questions; there will be around 8 questions you will need to answer! Today’s text isfictional and tells the story of a magical watch. How would you feel if you went to sleep and woke up the next day; only to realise you were reliving the same day, over and over again?

Please answer the questions in full sentences in the comments below. Each comprehension should take approximately ten minutes to complete! Your teachers will be online to help you with any obstacles you face.

Challenge: could you create your own comprehension question (for the teachers to answer) using the given text.

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9 thoughts on “6B 15/5 – Quick comprehension wk 3

  1. 1.Lots of presents
    2.I think it is her birthday as the author wrote ‘Emma had been waiting for this day for 364 days’ and a birthday is every 364 days.
    3.Thursday,when she slept last night and the date Emma thought it should be is Friday the 22nd.
    5.The words in bold tell us that Emma was waiting to see and eat the cake.
    6.The first tingling feeling was actually excitement however the second one was an actual tingle.
    8.What I think is special about Emma’s watch is that it actually controls time in a way as in the text it is written ‘it stopped on Thursday 21st February’ and now it is Thursday 21st February instead of Friday the 22nd.

  2. 1. a pile of presents
    2.because she imagines lots of presents and chocolate for herself.
    3.The day that Emma usually did P.E at school was Thursday.
    3b)She had gone to bed at 9:00Pm on Thursday 21st February.
    3c)The date Emma thought it should be turned out to be a flaw.
    4.The word is bemused.
    5.She feels excited.
    6.The first tingle feeling was she was excited and second tingle was physical.
    7.gift i think
    8.Its special because it was a gold watch with an analogue face and it was a premature gift and it stopped working on Thursday 21st February 8:25am.
    Challenge: why do you think that Emma’s mom was distracting Emma? 25-26 line.

  3. 1. Emma was expecting to receive a pile of presents that day.
    2. I think that day was special for Emma because it was her birthday. This is because on birthdays you have cards and presents so there would be no other reason that Emma should receive a stack of cards and a pile of presents.
    3. The day Emma usually did P.E. at school – Thursday
    Emma went to bed – 9:00pm on Thursday 21st February
    The date Emma thought it should be – Friday 22nd February

    4. The word ‘bemused’ shows that Emma does not know what is happening.

    1. The highlighted words show that Emma really likes cake(like most people do!)
    2. First Emma feels a tingling feeling which is to do with her feelings and emotions ,because she was feeling excited, and the other tingling feeling was physically not emotionally.
    3. The word ‘timepiece’ is another word for a watch.
    4. Based on what I have read in the text, I think that the watch is a special time machine so that whatever date is on the watch, that is what the date is in reality.

    • Haya, I appreciate you’re online but this truly isn’t your best effort.

      Please complete comprehension task for green group and try yellow group as a challenge.

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