6B 5/5/20-Science (Hunt & Experiment)

On Thursday you will begin designing your own rollercoaster.
To do this we need to begin exploring and collecting suitable materials around your house, garden and on your daily walks.

Remember when we were designing our bridges, the most successful bridges were the ones with the strongest foundations.

Your task is to find FIVE materials you could use and FIVE materials which wouldn’t be suitable to build a fully functioning rollercoaster.
You will have to use the following vocabulary.

Think about the material you will need for the following elements;
*The base structure to support the whole rollercoaster
*The track: How will this material make a loop etc?
*A cart, how will the cart move?

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  1. 1.a metal for the tracks.
    2.sponge for the seats
    3.lace the tracks with a water proof fabric.
    4.for the loops I suggest a flexible,hard plastic.
    5. I don’t know.

  2. To make a roller coaster I would use:
    1.Waterproof cardboard:I would use this material as am going to support it with glue and fix everything together.
    2.Paper straws:As they can hold the weight the model contains.
    3.Stones:I will use this material to build a strong foundation.
    4.Scissors:I will use this tool to cut through the cardboard.
    5.Fabric:I will use this material as it soft.
    This is all the materials I would use to make my roller coaster model.

  3. Five materials which you could use
    Cardboard: Cardboard is made from several layers of thick paper, so that it’s stiff ,strong and hard.

    Art straws:Art straws are paper straws. Art straws can easily be combined with glue, or simply pinching and threading it into another art straw.

    Paper tubes:Paper Tubes ,also known as cardboard tubes, are cylinder-shaped components that are made with cardboard that could be used for the track.

    Paper: Paper can be shaped to create things out of it and it is easy to do so.

    Tooth picks:Tooth picks could be used to poke through a circular piece cardboard. That way you could ensure the wheels on the cart can turn easily.

    Five materials which you could not use.
    Plasticine: Plasticine is not strong enough.

    Tissue paper:It would collapse under the weight of the cart.

    Cotton: Cotton is soft and very malleable so it would not stay in one form.

    Thread: Thread is more suitable for sewing clothes rather than building a roller coaster.

    Water:Water is a runny substance and extremely malleable it shifts from form to form instead of staying in one form. It is much more better to drink water rather than using it for craft projects.

  4. To make a roller coaster I would need supplies
    1. Cardboard to make strong base .
    2. Thick paper to make tracks .
    3. Scissors to cut.
    4. Glue.
    5. Marbles to test.
    I could use all the other material as well but then I will have to get it from outside which is not possible .I am excited to build it .Will try my best.

    • Interesting, love the concept of thick paper for the tracks and a marble.

      Maybe you could make a cart using the marble.

      I think you could form a stronger base though. Lego? Stones? Bricks? Have a real good look around Azan.

  5. I might use these 5 materials as I think that’s suitable:
    Cardboard as it is hard and sturdy.
    Card because it is light and flexible.
    Paper straws as they can hold weight.
    Tape because it is transparent and smooth helping the product keep shape.
    Glue as it is squishy however when dry it becomes hard and will support the structure.

    I wouldn’t want to use the following:
    Fabric because it is too light, it’s flexible but won’t keep it’s shape.
    Glass as it is too fragile.
    Wood because it is too heavy and would be unsuitable in a home environment.
    String as it would be too flexible.
    Cotton wool because it is too soft and not sturdy.

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