6B Entrepreneur Week Day 1: biographical research

Good morning everyone! We hope you had a wonderful break and managed to relax so you are ready for some exciting learning this half term.

This half term will kick off with Entrepreneur Week. Of course it will be different this year as there will be no Summer Fair to sell our products, BUT we will be having a class Zoom meeting on Friday where you will be pitching your fantastic ideas to the Year 6 “Dragon’s Den”.

The focus for Year 6 will be BAKERY PRODUCTS – this could be anything from cakes to biscuits to donuts to bagels – the choice is yours!

Today you will begin to understand what makes an entrepreneur and you will learn about some of the individuals who have made their mark in the baking industry.

Task 1: Choose ONE of the following: Shivesh Bhatia, Duff Goldman, Candice Brown or Mary Berry and research information about them to create a biography / information leaflet / poster. Please send your work to y6upload@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk so we can showcase a gallery at the end of the day. Have fun!

Task 2: McVities is one of the largest biscuit and cake brands in the world. What facts can you find out about them? How did they start? What products do they sell? What is the total sales value of their products? What is their advertising like? Why are they successful? Answer here on the blog.

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  1. Task 2:
    McVities is a British snack food brand owned by United Biscuits.
    The name derives from the original Scottish Maker,Establish in 1830 on Rose Street in Edinburgh,Scotland. They’re first shop was opened in 1839,They also sold cakes and biscuits like Jeffa cakes and digestives and nob nobs.

  2. I have emailed my work about Duff.

    McVitie’s Biscuits
    The company has been in business for around 180 years. It was founded by Robert McVitie’s in Scotland in 1809 as a shop. His son Robert Junior joined the business when he was old enough. Due to the popularity of Robert’s baking the business developed into that of a biscuit and cake manufacturer.
    Charles Price joined the company in 1875, he helped to develop the business and grow it further.
    Sir Alexander Grant joined the company in 1888, he created the first Digestive biscuit in 1892 – the secret recipe is still used today.
    In 1893 the company was given the Royal seal of approval by Queen Mary and King George V when they asked McVitie’s to make their wedding cake.
    The first chocolate biscuit didn’t happen until 1925 when they added chocolate to the Digestive biscuit.
    In 1947 McVitie & Price made the wedding cake for Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten. The Queen as we now know her! It was 2.5m high.
    The business has gone from strength to strength and is now a global business. United Biscuits were the owners of McVitie’s biscuits – they were sold to a Turkish company for £2bn in 2014.
    They sell lots of different cakes and biscuits – these are some that I like!
    • Jaffa cakes
    • Digestives
    • Hob nobs – Dark chocolate ones are my favourite
    • Rich tea biscuits
    • Club
    • Gold
    • Penguin

    Key information for dunking your biscuits in a nice cup of tea when we have finished our schoolwork.
    Rich Tea: 14 dunks
    Chocolate Digestives: Eight dunks
    Original McVitie’s Digestives: Two dunks
    Hobnobs: Two dunks
    Ginger Nut: Two dunks

    McVitie’s have the best adverts – they have baby animals climbing out of the packets of biscuits. To give the nation a giant cuddle! Kittens, puppies, seals for example, they are very cute adverts.

    National biscuit day is the 29th of May. The UK’s favourite ‘biscuit’ is a Jaffa Cake, however legally it is considered a ‘cake’. McVitie’s fought in court to have the Jaffa Cake considered a cake, so it wouldn’t have 20% tax added, biscuits that have chocolate on are considered a luxury item and would therefore be more expensive!

  3. Task 2:
    An apprentice baker named Robert McVitie and his father William opened a ‘provision’ shop in Rose Street, Edinburgh. Robert’s baking was so popular he even managed to open more shops to expand the business. Robert married in 1844, he knew that his business’ future lay in baking. His sons William and Robert Jr. were sent to Europe to study bakery there. Robert passed away in 1880 which meant that his business was now owned by Robert Jr.
    The bakery in Edinburgh was very popular so Robert Jr’s first action was to invest in a bigger bakery. In the year 1875, Charles Price helped the brand grow over the next thirteen years. It became obvious that the people loved Charles and Robert’s baking so much that they had to expand the business by opening a new factory in the suburbs of Edinburgh in the year 1888. In 1892, Alexander Grant began working with Charles and Robert. He produced the first and original digestive biscuit and its secret recipe is still used to date. In 1893, the McVitie and Price were given the Royal seal of approval and they were chosen to bake the future wedding cake for King George V and Queen Mary’s wedding.
    In 1902, they further expanded the business by opening a new factory in Harlesden, North London. 1924, McVitie and Price began to focus on biscuits and their work was acknowledged by George Binney. In the year 1925, they created their very first chocolate digestives and later they introduced their first Jaffa cakes in 1927. Penguin was first introduced in 1932 by William McDonald and it became a McVities brand in 1946. In 1947, McVitie and Price made the wedding cake for Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten. The new brand Hobnobs was launched in 1985 and received huge response. Boaster treat cookies were launched in 1988. McVities introduced milk chocolate caramel digestives in the year 1999. In the new Millennium, the McVities factory at Harlesden celebrated proud 100 years of baking in the year 2002. The popularity of milk Chocolate caramel digestives earned the McVities a title of ‘Nation’s favourite McVities dunking biscuit!’
    In the year 2009, McVities was able to introduce the original digestive biscuits with 50% reduction in the saturated fat content. In the year 2016, McVities digestive nibbles were launched making it easy to have your chocolate digestives on the go. They also introduced McVities digestives thins in 2017.
    The brand is nations favourite and continues to grow and expand.

  4. Mcvities
    Over 71 million packets of McVitie’s chocolate digestives are eaten in the United Kingdom each year, equating to 52 biscuits per second. Read on to find out how Mcvities came to be such a popular biscuit brand.

    How did they start?
    The story begins with an apprentice baker named Robert McVitie. Born in Scotland 1809.In 1839, Robert and his father William opened a shop in Rose Street, Edinburgh. Robert’s baking was so popular he managed to open more shops and make the business grow.Robert married in 1844. Sensing that his business’ future lay in baking, he sent his two sons (William and Robert Jr.) to Europe to study bakery there.

    What products do they sell?
    McVitie’s produces chocolate digestives, Hobnobs and Rich tea (ranked the three favourite biscuits to dunk into tea), and Jaffa Cakes (the best selling cake in the UK).Other products include,Fig Rolls, GingerNuts, Cookies, Penguin,Taxi,Gold Bar,All Butter Shortbread,Fruit shortcake,
    Tasties, BN,,Deli Choc and much much more.

    What is the total sales value of their products?
    In the 53-week period from 29 December 2013 to 3 January 2015, United Biscuits (UK) Ltd generated sales of £906.5m, down from £907m in the comparative period, the year to 28 December 2012.

    What is their advertising like?
    I personally enjoy watching the Mcvities chocolate digestives advert where it is someone’s first day and she is feeling a bit nervous but another woman makes her laugh using to digestives. She shares the pack with the rest of her colleagues and boss and they all enjoy them and she is not nervous anymore. This advert makes people feel that they would like to share digestives with each other.

    Why are they successful?
    I think Mcvities are successful because they have a selection of delicious snacks that everyone loves also the adverts succeed in making people buy the product.

    D.O.B-December 21,1984
    BP(birthplace)-Bedfordshire, England
    AGE-35 years old
    Who is Candice Brown?
    British chef who became known to television audiences as a contestant on The Great British Bake Off in 2016. On the show, she became a multiple-time Star Baker.

    I will finish the rest.

    • Hi Mediha, it’s good to see some of your work but please read the blog carefully. We would like this research presented as a poster, leaflet or biography and emailed to school. The work about Mcvities can be posted on the blog.

    • Thank you for asking Haya, the idea is you need to research a little bit about all of the people and then choose which person YOU find most interesting and create a poster about who they are and what they do? What makes them have a successful business?

      For example Mary Berry is a famous baker, who has sold nearly 70 baking books, she was a huge role in a cooking show “The great British bake-off”.

  6. How did they start?
    McVitie & Price’s first major biscuit was the McVitie’s Digestive, created in 1892 ,by a new young employee at the company named Alexander Grant. The biscuit was given its name because it was thought that its high baking soda content served as an aid to food digestion.
    The first shop opened in 1839, Robert and his father William, opened a ‘provision’ shop in Rose Street, Edinburgh. Robert’s baking was so popular he managed to open more shops and expand the business.

    What products do they sell?
    Mcvitie’s products include: Hobnobs, Digestive biscuits, Jaffa cakes, Gems, Assortments, Nibbles, Thins, Gold, Club , Cookies, Tea biscuits, Penguins and so much more.

    What is the total sales value of their products?
    In 2017, the company made £7.5m from Jaffa cakes and it was ranked the highest selling biscuit.Furthermore the milk chocolate digestive biscuits were ranked second and made the company £2.5 (in 2017).However in the following year they made £6.4 from the digestive biscuits and £6.8 from the Jaffa cakes.

    What is their advertising like? Why are they successful?
    I think the most well-known advertisement from Mcvitie’s is the Jaffa cake advert where the teacher is explaining phases of the moon; Full moon(Full biscuit), Half moon(Bites Half), Total eclipse (She eats all of it). This obviously makes the students jelouse. In my opinion, I believe Mcvitie’s is successful because there products are delicious and because each of their adverts have something about ,some are funny and make you giggle and others portray a message.

  7. Yes!! This is right up our street, I know you’re all foodies Six Blue and I know you will excel in this challenge. Can’t wait to see you ALL on zoom this Friday with your awesome pitches!

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