6B Fiver Challenge!

6 Blue have kick started the week with a shopping spree in preparation for this exciting week ahead. Each group was given £5.00 to spend on a range of products, the aim is for children to buy and create new products to sell and make a profit.

Children spent last week undertaking market research in school, you all voted for products you want to buy so I hope you’re prepared with lots of change to spend on goodies this week. Below are images of children getting their creative caps on!

What we will be selling-we look forward to seeing you!

Everything is LESS THAN A POUND!
KS1 & KS2 break time.

(Outside year 6 classrooms)

23 thoughts on “6B Fiver Challenge!

  1. We enjoyed making our product our station is called Diamond Stationery. We made awesome decorative products for example:diamond note books,diamond pencils and diamond glitter crayons.
    Khadija and Sania Z.

  2. If you spend your money by looking before buying, you will get the best deal. From Aldi we managed to get 9.5L of drink ( 1.5L being squash which can be dilouted into water), 6 packs of cookies and a pack of sweets for £4! If you spend your money wisely, you will get the best deals.

  3. We are selling bracelets and necklaces our prices are
    Beads on a string bracelets=50p
    Beads on a string with charms=55p
    Beads on a string Necklace=70p
    Beads on a string necklace with charms=75p

  4. I enjoyed going to the shop then making a going extreme with our products guess what our product is come and find out at diamond stationary😉

  5. We all really enjoyed going to Gallagher Retail Park to buy something for the fiver challenge.
    Also please come and buy things from our store C4ndyLicious.
    Our product is a lucky dip,where you put your hand in a hole and pick your goodie bag ( which is full of delicious sweets).This costs 60p. Remember what your hand picks in the lucky dip is what you get. Look out for C4ndyLicious!

  6. Mr Freeze Feel The Breeze

    I had a great time shopping with my group.My group got Tip Tops, jubblys and rocket lollies.Our total for all of our products was £5.00p.Come and buy our wonderful,frozen treats for very cheap.
    Tip Tops-30p each
    Jubblys-50p each
    Rocket Lollies-50p each

    Our sale will only be on from Tuesday 11the June to Wednesday 14th June.
    ONE WEEK ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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