Expectations, Feedback Fridays, Zoom Registers, Brick Wall & The Learning Gallery!!

Expectations: Remember, PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT AND YOU WILL SUCCEED! Follow the advice!

Creating a routine will help you lots! The sooner you start, the sooner your work will be done and you can go about your day!

Wednesday Zoom Register: 9AM SHARP!


Meeting ID: 917 9402 5123
Passcode: Wednesday

Feedback Fridays

Group 1, 10:00am-10:45am:
Shivani, Inaaya, Muhammad, Tahseen, Vinay, Adela, Ryan, Hasan, Abdi, Luqman

Group 2, 10:45am-11:30am: Rifath, Anis, Jacek, Yibo, Paris, Kiyan, Francesca, Rehaan, Farhan, Keira

Group 3, 11:30am-12:15am: Harley-Ray, Aidan, Hishaam, Zoya, Marcel, Aaron, Bogdan, Cara-Jade, Aboubakar, Hasnain


Week 1 Gallery

At the end of everyday, all of the work that has been uploaded to the SharePoint will be added to the week’s gallery! Keep sending your work in and aim to be our blogger of the week!


CITIZEN OF THE WEEK ! Hasan for showing perseverance.

Week 2 Gallery


Aboubakar for showing excellence.

Week 3 Gallery


Rehaan for excellent consistency in his learning for the past three weeks. Well done!!!

Week 4 Gallery

70 thoughts on “Expectations, Feedback Fridays, Zoom Registers, Brick Wall & The Learning Gallery!!

    • Bogdan click on the link please … make sure your camera is turned on as we can’t see you ….if your camera is not turned on we will not let you in … the passcode is queens.

    • That is okay Aaron. The work you have done this week has been to a high standard. I love the presentation and you are taking care, that is really important! Moreover, can you make sure your English and Science is uploaded from yesterday please onto the SharePoint :) Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget about your WOW homework!

    • Farhan join the third session and wait in the waiting room please. We are speaking to each child individual and we will let you in as soon as possible.

  1. A fantastic start to home learning. Really impressed with some of the work that has been sent through! Children are showing excellent presentation and going the extra mile with their challenges. Well done especially to Hasan and Shivani, 6B’s superstar bloggers this week!

    Please take on board the feedback Mrs Kaur and I gave you over Zoom and on phone calls, hope I can add some other names to this list next week too!

  2. Hi! I’m just wandering if third space is still on so I know to go on it at 11:33am or whatever time we come from break time on every Tuesday so I can log in.Hope you stay safe!!!

    • Thank you Anis, I saw your work that was submitted from email and it was lovely and clear. Make sure you get your English completed too :)

    • Awwww Shivani glad you love the checklist … think we all need to follow this list ( I definitely will make an effort to do some exercise ) it will help us all keep a routine.

  3. It didn’t let me comment before I watched this video at 10 am. I’m not really struggling, at first I didn’t understand fractions but now I do.

    • Hi Hasan! The sharepoints are on each of the blogs! You will see them when you scroll through to complete work. Also, well done on all the work you sent in yesterday. Fantastic presentation and wonderful to see you pushing yourself on the challenges. Brilliant!

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