6B Successful sales

Below are a range of pictures from today. You have been advertising and selling your cool products! Well done for behaving in a professional manner and making a profit!

D A Y 1

Thank you to all those who contributed. Look forward to seeing even more children tomorrow break time!

D A Y 2

D A Y 3

28 thoughts on “6B Successful sales

  1. I really enjoyed the fiver challenge because it was fun decorating the pencils and notepads and the sale was successful. We made lots of money. And I hope that we can do this again.

  2. I enjoyed it there was a bit of pressure when both my colleagues left me but I managed to get through.
    Plain ice cream 🍦 = 40p
    Crushed Oreo 🍪 = 10p
    Chocolate 🍫 sauce = 10p
    Chocolate 🍫 buttons = 10p
    Every single toppings = 80p
    Jacobs cheese 🧀 = 10p
    Morning Coffee ☕️ =10p

  3. I really enjoyed to sell a lots of jewellery I also loved inviting people to come and bay our jewellery. Thankyou, for coming and baying our jewellery. Thankyou for coming at our sell. We have made £10.20 only on 15 braiclets and necklaces. Thanks for baying our product.

  4. Well done to all the groups for working hard for the year 6 fiver challenge.I am very happy that we made a lot of money.We made great effortww

  5. I really enjoy the fiver challenge so far and I can’t wait to see our profit that we every group has made. Yesterday my group have made £10.40 and today we have made £30.35.

  6. Ilhan comment :
    I enjoyed selling my products because we had to make lots of profit and make lots of money. My group was called C4ndylicious. Thank you to the people who contributed.

    Sania Z comment :
    I enjoyed selling decorative pencils and note books and glitter pencils and we made a lot of money.Thank you to all the people that contributed to buying the amazing products.

    By Ilhan 😜 and Sania Z 😊

  7. I really enjoyed selling the products to everyone.Thank you to everyone who contributed.On the first day I wasn’t sure that everyone would buy our product but I was proved wrong,however products all were sold out very quickly.

  8. I enjoyed selling our amazing stationary thank you to all of the people who came and brought our products we raised £12.50 in two 2 days I’m so excited to raise more please come to our business we hope you come.

  9. Today was a very successful day my group gained the highest profit of £25.00. Thank you to everyone who has participated in the fiver challenge it was a great experience also thank you to all the teachers for giving g us this great experience.

  10. I enjoyed selling my products and so far me and my team collected £19.60.Thank you for everyone coming to my stall and buying our amazing candy’s.C4ANDY LICIOUS

  11. I had fun selling the Tip Tops and the Cupcakes.Yesterday we made a little bit of money(£4.10) however today,me and my group have improved and we have now made £7.60 more(£11.70).Whoever see’s this comment,make sure you bring lots of change in the next two days as the year 6 fiver challenge will end on Friday 14th June 2019 and will not be back until another year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Well done everyone for putting in a lot of effort and our team made the most profit in our class so far. Also thank you to everybody who brought from our sale.

  13. I enjoyed selling iced biscuts and bracelets because everyone left our stall satisfied and happier than when they came. The hardest part was trying to persuade people to come and even take a look at our things. But overall thank you all for attending.

  14. I enjoyed selling our products because it was very fun persuading people to come to our sale.
    I liked the opportunity that we got to do the fiver challenge!!
    it was very fun and seeing people with happy faces when they bought our product made us think positive about our group.

  15. It was awesome. We got the opportunity to go to the shop in school time and made profit by selling items. It was amazing and I got to use strategies to gather customers.

  16. Well done to everyone. Especially Cake it up from our class as their contributions have really made everyone persevere to change their plans and use their initiative.

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