6Blue’s weekly reflections

What a hectic hurricane of a week this has been. We have tried our hardest in 6 Blue and below is a video put together by Aliyah, Rayhaan and Michelle to share our learning journey for this week.


Please share a comment about what you’ve most enjoyed this week or even found challenging!
Looking forward to another week of learning and making memories in 6 Blue!

32 thoughts on “6Blue’s weekly reflections

  1. When i started year six i thought it will be really hard but now I enjoy it because we have arithmetic tests with are challenging but fun.
    I also like tennis that means PE is my 3rd favourite lesson. Despite the hard work we do to try to pass our sats in the end.

  2. I enjoyed doing the arithmetic tests because I think if you keep on doing them your maths work will slowly start to improve.Also I like swimming because if there is ever a emergency where you will need to swim you will know because of your swimming lessons.

    By Ismail Ali 6B🤑😎😜

  3. I enjoyed swimming and arithmetic tests because in swimming I know how to swim on my back without a float I find this easy because If u have a float you can learn how to swim better than others.Also I enoted My arithmetic tests because they challenge tour maths skills and you will get good test grades.

  4. I have enjoyed learning about the plague it was lots of fun and I found challenging was doing art when we’re supposed to sketch plague doctor’s it was hard to draw them but I still have enjoyed it

  5. have enjoyed learning about the black death.
    Maths has been fun this week because we are learning how to divide by ten hundred and thousand and multiply by 10,100 and 1000.Swimmming has been a challenging a bit because I am not very confident on swimming on my back however I think I can improve it.

  6. I have Enjoyed learning about Engish because it was very intered to learn about the able and ible words , and i have enjoyed sketch and drawing in art because you could some techinqe of your colour you are doing with your sketch pencils.
    By ilhan

  7. I have enjoyed English very much and I like the mystery storiesand writing them.I also think we have improved a lot from last week keep it up 6 blue.I hope I get to write my own mystery story. Our topic lesson more like history lesson was amazingly exciting I would love toknow a lot more about the Black Death.I hope we have lots more wonderfulmemories 6 blue.

  8. I have enjoyed learning about the black death and what it was like.
    Maths has been fun this week because we are learning how to divide and multiply by 10,100 and 1000.Swimmming has been a challenge because I normally swim on my front and I am confident with it.However I not confident with swimming on my back but I still gave it a go.

  9. Personally, I have mostly enjoyed learning about the Black Death, also I have enjoyed Science- learning about the circulatory system and writing a paragraph and learning how it works. However, I have also enjoyed PE and swimming, because the active things we do in PE and swimming can impact our bodies in a good way, whereas, swimming is also good for you because it can take stress away and it can keep your heart rate levels up. I am intrigued to find out what we shall be learning about next week. I can’t wait to make progress!

  10. This week I enjoyed swimming as I can now confidently swim on my back. Something I found challenging was art as I couldn’t properly put the details where it belonged. I didn’t actually bring anything for the harvest assembly but, I will bring something on Monday.

  11. Wow, I really enjoyed the video and this week has been awesome! We orginized a Macmillan coffee morning and I loved learning about the Black Death. I am a little nervous for the camera in our class though. I am enjoying year 6 and I hope I can spend as much time with my classmates as possible. I am excited to brace upcoming challenges and make progress, well done 6 blue

  12. This week,I enjoyed writing a string description. I also enjoyed learning about the Black Death, as I did a lot of research form my homework.However,in there other hand I found maths a bit challenging at the end of the week, but at the end of the lesson,I got there as Miss Ahmed gave me 1to1 help.

  13. I have enjoyed swimming and history were we learnt about the Black Death were we started learning about when it happens we’re it took place. And in swimming we started learning how to swim one our back’s.

    • We are having a Macmillan coffee morning next Friday with teachers making cakes. Parents are invited into school for a coffee and cake should they want. We will then give a “Contribution.”

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