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6B’s Winter Poetry Performances!

Over the last two weeks, as part of their English unit, 6B have been learning about Sonnets and have tried very hard to create their very own seasonal poem! We used the cold, blistering weather as a stimulus to develop our winter vocabulary and phrases linking to our five senses.

Today, using emphasis, expression, gesticulation, we performed our poems! Have a look at our imovie below!

Challenge: How do you know you have created a winter sonnet? How did you build imagery for your reader when performing?


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  1. 1.I know I have created a winter themed sonnet because Sonnets have 14 line and 10 syllables in each sentence also there are rhyming couplets.
    2.I builded imagery while performing by adding actions and using powerful adjectives while writing it out.

  2. I know l have created a winter sonnet because it has 10 syllables and rhyming couplets.l have built imagery when performing by reading in expression and doing the actions that represent the words.

  3. To make a winter sonnet the rhyming pattern has to be ababababababcc
    And there has to be 10syllables
    And putting stress on the second syllable in each foot
    One foot is 2 syllables

  4. When creating a winter sonnet I know I have completed it by it having a rhyming pattern which is ABAB ABAB ABAB CC, 14 lines, figurative language and sometimes iambic pentameter.
    I can build imagery by using intonation and gesticulation.

  5. I know that I have created a winter sonnet because it has 14 lines and 10 syllables in each line. I built imagery in the readers mind by using a simile.

  6. I know I have created a winter sonnet because I have 14 lines and have 10 sylllables on each line. I can build imagery for the reader by using figurative language ( Similes,metaphors and personification). By Jacob and Raihaan

  7. I know I have made a winter sonnet because:
    There are 14lines altogether
    There are 8-12 syllables on each line (10 usually)
    In every line there is some type of figurative language
    The final two lines should have a rhyming pattern of CC
    There is a rhyming pattern in each line following ABAB
    Every other line should rhyme
    I built imagery when performing as I used similes and metaphors along with personification.

  8. I know I have created a winter sonnet because I have made a poem which is winter themed and has 14 lines and 10 or near to 10 syllables.
    We used figurative language to create a winter poem with imagery such as: similies, metaphors and personification.

  9. I know I have created a winter sonnet because sonnets have 14 lines and each line has 10 syllables.
    I built imagery by using hand gestures expression and emphasis.

    Aleena and Asilah