6R 5/5/20-Science (Hunt & Experiment)

On Thursday you will begin designing your own rollercoaster.
To do this we need to begin exploring and collecting suitable materials around your house, garden and on your daily walks.

Remember when we were designing our bridges, the most successful bridges were the ones with the strongest foundations.

Your task is to find FIVE materials you could use and FIVE materials which wouldn’t be suitable to build a fully functioning rollercoaster.
You will have to use the following vocabulary.

Think about the material you will need for the following elements;
*The base structure to support the whole rollercoaster
*The track: How will this material make a loop etc?
*A cart, how will the cart move?

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    1.Vertical magnets for support.
    2. long metal object such as a metal heater at the bottom.
    3.loads of tooth picks and sellotape them together.
    4.Blow up a balloon and let it go to push it for the start and then have a big drop to carry it on.
    5.you could use a ruler to stop it.


    1.sand or snow or gravel for the track.
    2. just paper no sellotape for the support
    3.a tv remote to make it do a 360
    4.magnets to start it
    5.a stretched elastic band because it send it back to the start.

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